Hot Feet

Paulo turned up his bunsen burner for these foot brands on Fernando. The toes aren’t shown in the video but you can read more to see a post-branding shot of them..

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13 thoughts on “Hot Feet

  1. i bet it took him a long time to think up this mod. /endsarcasm

    sometimes i think people “modify” themselves out of boredom, and then they end up with boring mods.

    in the end though, only his happiness with these mods matters.

  2. I really like the simplicity of it, it looks classy. I hope we’ll see how it heals in the future !

    I can’t imagine how annoying the healing must be, though :D

  3. i’m so sorry, but, this are one ugly fingers…

    i don’t like fingers, and this are fingers, so, ufff….


    (nice mod)

  4. That has to suck during healing simpley because walking would probably re-open the scabs with ever step….

  5. I really like the ones on the backs of his ankles. They’re simple and I think they look great.

  6. To the first guy I disagree. I love it when people do simple scarifications or tattoos that more highlight features already there, rather than over thinking things to the point that every line has a purpose.

    No imagination or though is either biomech or IDK a tribal :D

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