Tyler sent in this timelapse video of a play piercing session on his friend Allii.

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20 thoughts on “Laaar-vely!

  1. I love it… Knowing my body i couldn’t do 99 at this point… I apparently enjoy passing out more… But I’m working up to it!

  2. Just because there are no pretty little purple dots doesn’t mean they were thrown “in there with no rhyme or reason.” She was fully aware of the layout. This is temporary play piercing, not a labret, navel, or ear work.

  3. purple dots make stuff look way worse…..I would never use a tattoo stencil to do a play piercing…..random lines at varying depths just doesn’t do anything for me…..I don’t mind a rebuttal, as long as you realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion….

  4. Max,

    You seem to dislike everyone’s play piercing but your own. Some people aren’t in it for looks- but the experience alone. It doesn’t have to be pretty to be functional.

  5. Will – it’s Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen. Early 90s Scottish electro-dance-rock-indie band.

    The song is supposedly an ode to Ecstasy (q.v. “Es are good/ Es are good/He’s Ebeneezer Goode”) and is chock-full of other drug references (“Anyone got any Veras?” – Vera Lynns = skins = rizla)

    Perfect for anyone who “left an important part of their brain somewhere in a field in Hampshire”

  6. actually, there are a lot of Play Piercings that I tip my hat to, when they look nice…..and believe me, I’ve done enough of them to know that the experience is more enjoyable for the person getting pierced both physically and visually, when everything is consistent. It feels better, and it looks better. And yeah, I don’t ever use anything purple….honey…..

  7. I hope that definition isn’t supposed to back you up….have you actually read it. Yes, I go through more than one pair of gloves when I do a play piercing….haha!….

  8. So do you realize that sterilization is just a state of mind, unless you live in a vacuum. If you breathe during a procedure(even wearing a face mask) nothing is sterile. If your client breathes during a procedure, nothing is sterile. You clients skin is not sterile no matter what you clean it with, so as soon as anything you use touches your client, it is no longer sterile…..I don’t know why I’m arguing with you….I’ve been a professional piercer since you were 7….haha….so when you have some experience, you’ll be able to put your common sense together with your book knowledge, and you’ll be able to figure it all out…..good luck to ya….

  9. ohh handbags!

    right, it looks awesome, i cant see anything wrong with Max Brand`s version of sterility. However its not a contest and the finished piece looks tops. So stop bitching and get on with your own version of play piercing

    Go play nice….

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