33 thoughts on “Hair flick.

  1. Treehopr – Actually, I believe it’s a scarification/branding piece (Ohm) with a tattoo surrounding (or even underneath) it.

  2. Haha, awesome. I had no idea this was here until a friend pointed it out. The chest piece is indeed an “Om” scarification (flesh removal) that has been tattooed around. A gory photo of the fresh removal was a BMEzine cover several years ago. The lobe love is a set of Ti gemmed eyelets in 1 3/8″ from Anatometal. Jade labret from Onetribe. Geez, I have a lot of friggin hair!

  3. When I saw this picture on BME original, I thought it was a amazing photo! I’m glad it got on modblog. :) Way hot.


    Great hair, and is that lip plug jade? Because I love.

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