23 thoughts on “This Isn’t Hellraiser..

  1. Wow that looks….wonky. The camrea looks poorly done and waaaaaaaaaay too big – almost like the body was an afterthought or something.

  2. body and camera are two completely different styles… its like she got the camera done, then realized everyone had camera tattoos, but nobody had CAMERA-HEADED DOLL TATTOOS! then she had someone else do a cutesy little body underneath it… if this was the initial intension, the execution could have been better. if it was just an afterthought, it’s kind of a cop out.

    either way, a decent-at-best outcome.

  3. I think the camera look great, the body is kinda weird for me, but i love the overall vibe..

  4. It’s terrible. I echo the comments already posted, what’s with the converging styles and the odd angles?

    I woe.

  5. It’s cute and I like the turquoise a lot, but the body and the camera seem a little mismatched.

  6. Um, guys, it’s a doll with a camera for a head. How is that supposed to go together?? I like the tattoo. I go to an art school, and this reminds me a lot of some of the things you might see if you walk through the student sculpture studios.

  7. For the record, it’s supposed to be two different styles entirely. This is on a photography student. The idea was that it look kind of like a collage, hence the two different angles, and the camera being more realism with a more oldschool tattoo approach to the body. The teal was meant to act as a unifier. Anyway I showed up late to the discussion but there’s my two cents.

  8. The tattoo is very Da Da inspired (aka supposed to seem rather collaged) with a twist on the modern style of the doll. The doll represent a paper doll. I wanted the stark contrast between the camera and doll body. Adam did a great job, and it means a lot to me as photographer and artist.

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