101 thoughts on “The Magic Dragon.

  1. there are too many things about this that i love. i think ‘fabulous’ sums it up well.

  2. I like how one side of the shot is black and the other is white and smokey, with her cute little pierced face in between.

  3. I like her eye color, though I think the picture catches her in a unflattering angle/way.. also I think smoking is gross and feels overly promoted on this site at times..

  4. it’s not supposed to be flattering… she is smoking a joint, not posing. and i don’t think modblog promotes smoking at all. it’s just… whatever. feel how you want but a lot of people who smoke certainly are not gross.

  5. Now now, I don’t think this is the place to put down anything as gross. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We’re all about personal choices here, aren’t we? I can think of quite a few people who think piercings are “gross”.
    It could easily be a hand rolled, but that’s not the point.
    I really don’t feel that smoking is really that promoted on here, it just happens to be that a fair chunk of the people here do smoke, and as such are photographed smoking. You’ll note that straight edge themes are highlighted quite frequently.

    I wonder if it makes little clinking noises when she wiggles her nose, it looks like those rings might come in to contact once in a while. I love that big ol’ post, it’s so chunky and great.
    I love the winter morning quality that the lighting has.

  6. what has open-mindedness got to do with doing drugs? there are better ways to experience and enjoy life than fucking up your brain and body.

  7. #16 yeah nice one you’re right…being open minded is all about condemning people who do things that you disapprove of!

  8. She looks a bit like a dragon herself with those eyes and the nose ring. And there’s nothing bad about that, or this photo.

  9. #18 – I certainly hope you were trying to be ironic. Because if not…well, nevermind.

  10. #17: Wrong, sorry :P People have lost their mind because of it, and that has killed people, and worse.
    For the rest, really nice picture ^^

  11. Myke, people lose their mind and kill themselves and others because of chemical imbalances, personal choices and emotional weakness. Don’t blame the crutch. You can take anything from piercing to exercise to a dangerous, addictive place.

  12. Drop the subject, and focus on the piercings like we should, seeing as this is after all Mod Blog, not Let’s Discuss Substances Blog.
    We are all entitled to our own opinions, but this is not really an appropriate forum for arguing them. If you really need to talk about it, find an appropriate forum.

  13. #21-where did you get THAT information?

    I’ve only heard of one case where a psychopathic serial killer’s behavior was linked to marijuana, and that was just the news media looking for a scapegoat for his violent behavior. Marijuana is never the CAUSE of insanity.

    In my humble opinion, a pot smoker “losing their mind” is the consequence of their actions, not the substance itself. In some cases, pot is exactly what one needs to open their minds and explore their consciousness. In others, it can be another form of mindless escape, and as such, should be avoided. I’ve never seen smoking being “promoted” here. And I’m a little tired of marijuana being seen as this horrifying, evil thing. Talking about it like it’s the bane of civilization is downright silly. Just like the so-called terrors of video game violence, this kind of misinformation only serves to keep people from being held accountable for their actions.

    Sorry for ranting about irrelevant nonsense, couldn’t help myself, I guess. Otherwise, I like the picture. Her facial expression makes me smile. So charmingly haughty.

  14. haha, she’s the cutest thing I’ve seen on modblog recently …and the smoke makes the photograph even better…hugs :D

  15. I’m confused how the smoking part makes the picture any better or sexier? I never knew cancer was attractive. But uhm, to each their own I guess.

    It’s a good picture, she’s gorgeous, she has great piercings. Nuff said. We don’t really have to start yet another debate on here about stupid shit now do we? Honestly.

  16. Given the amount of flack people were giving straight edge after that post with the dude and his kids, there’s been hardly a peep on this. That said, great photo, but I’m with xvanceyx, cancer ain’t hot.

  17. Gorgeous photograph! more piccies of her please :-D Thanks again ROO for another fantastic choice to put up on my favorite obsession, modblog

  18. She’s beautiful. Sometimes piercings don’t complement the person, but they just make her cuter.

  19. ye..she looks like a dragon, not in a bad way..a really beatiful dragon..she is lovely.with the septum piercing and the nose rings she has no space on her nostrils ^^

  20. ahh yes, smokin a J. sure love those stinky greens <3

    gotta add though, i dont condone smoking. i definitely condone vaporizing however.

  21. did/does anyone else think she looks like a mannequin, or am i just the weird of the bunch? it freaked me out, but at the same time was really awesome.

  22. Psst. Marijuana has never caused cancer.

    Also, while we’re at it, this girl is a fucking babe.

  23. I don’t care that she’s smoking. I just don’t get why people think she’s so pretty? The piercings are neat, but her face is angled up and hidden enough that I can’t tell what she really looks like.
    Plus… photoshopped much?

  24. I’m not enjoying this at all.

    smoking anything isn’t cool, her makeup is very unflattering and it’s not a nice shot

  25. eh.. im not thrilled. i dont kiss ash trays. especially when im not sure what kind of leaf is inside the paper.

    isn’t there anybody else out there who just doesn’t pollute their body like this?
    aside from my anti-smoking things, she’s an interesting-looking girl. we could probably chill.

  26. Geez. These comments recently are so cluttered. Who cares if she is smoking? To each their own. You don’t like it, go cry about it, no one wants some long, pointless argument.

  27. sigh, i think it’s silly when people complain about photoshop, modblog is about the persons mods not the photograph itself. Besides, I’ve seen loads of turd quality messy looking photographs on this blog…you’d think people would be happy to see a better shot. Only half of the photo is the actual snap, the rest is photoshop.

    and to the cancer people….no one said cancer was attractive, twas said that smoking is. Should everyone stop smoking, eating, boozing, suspending, peircing, playing sports etc just because yeh maybe one day it might have some turd side effects? If you stop doing everything in life that’s unhealthy or mildy dangerous you’ll most probably end up with quite a dull life.

  28. Does everyone who posts to complain that they’re all torn up by the inconsistencies in their dissonant feelings about the photo need to mention that she’s smoking yet she’s attractive and sexualised in the BME sense?

    Its interesting that people who browse these photos have fought to love piercings, tattoos and other choices, but (sometimes) they’ve been trained to hate smoking?

    This argument is entirely rooted in predjudice; the mistaken belief that smokers cannot be attractive to non-smokers. Ridiculous!

  29. Ugh. Plenty of things “pollute your body” not just smoking. You don’t want to “kiss an ashtray”, well maybe I don’t want to kiss a fucking McDonald’s grease vat. You’d think people on a body modification website would be more openminded about lifestyle choices…

  30. I don’t know about kissing an ashtray or a McDonald’s grease vat, but I sure would like to see what her eyes look like under all that black eyeshadow and her Sharpie eyebrows!

  31. she is absolutely gorgeous.
    i think the picture is quite impressive
    i like how the black of her clothes, eyes, hat, hair, ect pops against the white of the background.
    and i think if she wants to smoke, weed or bogeys, she should be allowed to.
    and honestly i personally am getting sick of people saying over and over again how bad it is.

  32. ModBlog.. we post ‘em, you judge ‘em!
    #66 – I concur. Life is carcinogenic.

    Girl, whatever you set on fire, burn it down! Puff puff!

  33. omg, all you uptight people on a site supposedly trying to be a space where people aren’t constrained by “normal” society’s moralizing….

    she’s hot, who gives a *damn* what she’s smoking, and her piercings are cute on her. ’nuff said!

    also, how do all you negative nancies live your lives happily when you feel the need to police other people? People who feel they need to control, or even comment on the “wrongness” of other’s behavior is EXACTLY what is ruining this country, ie the Christian right telling people that they can’t do xyz (gay marriage, get an abortion, do stem cell research) ….

  34. I do believe in free speech bla bla bla
    however I also think that some people need to pick their battles and not waste their time arguing with random people on the internet. Don’t we have jobs or families or hobbies that can occupy our time?
    Speaking of… *gone*

  35. #50

    With few exceptions, combustible matter is carcinogenic. Carcinogens(wait for it…) promote cancer.

    That girl is smoking(assuming that it’s not edited in photoshop, and she just happens to be making a silly face). Smoke is a result of combustion, and thus the snake eats it’s tail.

  36. hahaha #66, that was great.

    living causes cancer, in general.

    Although personally I think cigarettes are too harsh and smell unpleasant, I love the sensation of filling my lungs and fidgeting with something in my mouth (don’t go freudian on me here). There has to be an alternative somewhere out there to cigarettes that does just that (other than weed, of course…)? I remember on japanaese airlines a while back they supplied plastic sticks that gave out a minty flavour when you inhaled….

  37. #71

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but gay marriage, “late term” abortion, and “fetus” stem cell research might just be a couple things that are ruining this country. What gives you the authority to determine what is ruining this Country any way? What are you like 25? Try asking an adult like your Mother, Father or Granparents what is ruining this Country. Do you think Christian people materialized all of a sudden in recent times? Granted neither did being gay, abortion and new “hip” thinking such as yours but, it seems as they are accepted more and more, that is what is ruining this country. BTW: I’m not some old fuddy duddy Christian, just somebody with their eyes open. Maybe when you grow up some you’ll see more clearly as you gain more perspective, responsibility, and wisdom.

  38. Just because smoking is part of one’s life does not mean it has to be in photographs. You wouldn’t take a family picture yourself smoking pot around your, non-smoking/straight edge, family would you?

    I think that pictures with drugs or cutting is quite distasteful.

  39. Miaoudeminou, if you think cutting is quite distasteful, then you’re on the wrong site. As for the drugs, I really don’t see a problem with people doing them. If they’re not harming anyone else, what they do is their business.

  40. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.
    We’re not here to air our opinions on other’s choices or lifestyles, guys. C’mon! Geeez.

    I am so in love with her lips. *drool* hehe

  41. Yeah, I’m not getting the “stunning”. I like her piercings, but I don’t see stunning.

  42. My God! How dare you post something so potentially triggering! As a former user myself, this gives me a wicked urge to run out and buy some black eyeliner RIGHT NOW! I need to call my Fashion Anonymous sponsor!

    … wait, I still use black eyeliner. But only socially.

  43. I love how it’s ok to critisize anything on this site, drawn on eyebrows, too much makeup, overcluttered piercings, photoshopped pictures, how attractive someoen is or isn’t, the location of a picture anything of the sort but if you bring up anything about someones choice to smoke, do drugs, or drink then everyone has to go all apeshit about it. No matter how you look at it, smoking isn’t attractive. Honestly, without being all judgemental about the choice to smoke, smoking isn’t a healthy or attractive habit even if you aren’t straightedge or drug free. If you’re going to say my decision to not agree with someone elses decision is wrong then you’re doing the same exact thing as me you fucking hypocritical son of a bitch :) Just saying.

  44. #84 Exactly.

    You can take pictures without it there. I don’t care what you do with your life, I’m here to see the modifications, not someone showing off that they smoke, do drugs, or have a mental problem.

  45. If ModBlog can show voluntary amputation, bugchasers, ritualistic (or otherwise) cutting, crucifixes in vaginas, a guy banging a chick with a cuttlefish on his dick (oh yes-remember that) and militant Straight Edge (all of which they fucking well should in a free society) they can put up a picture of a pierced girl smoking.

  46. There’s almost a hundred comments for this picture, and I bet if I could actually be bothered to do the math, more than half of them wouldn’t even be about the subject’s mods.
    I also see by posting this comment, I in turn am adding to that majority of people who don’t really give a shite about the girl’s piercings and are more concerned about starting a debate club.

    Ah, the internet, everyone has a fucking opinion to get across…

  47. She is beautiful.
    Her make-up is awesome.
    I love the picture.
    I love her piercings.
    And if she’s smoking marijuana, that is sexy. (I hate cigarettes, they smell and taste like crap to me and I hate kissing someone after they’ve smoked cigs.)

    A lot of the arguments on here are extraordinarily stupid, I must say.

    Modblog shouldn’t be a place for judgement or closed minded-ness.

    The only thing I can imagine on here being distasteful would be anything promoting physical, verbal, or sexual abuse/crimes. And I haven’t seen that, so…

  48. I wonder if in some crazy wacked out opposite land, there is a a website for drugs and people argue over a picture with someone pretty having a piercing “ok guys! were here to talk about smoking weed not piercings god how awful” it would be something like that i bet

  49. I love everything except the monroe, and I especially adore the septum. I wish I could pull off a larger gauge septum.

    As for the smoking, I love how we can look at everything from voluntary amputees to skewering to suspension, and a ton of other potentially dangerous things, and smoking is what everybody latches onto. I agree with an above comment: Life is carcinogenic, get the hell over it. Nobody ever said you have to think smoking is sexy.

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