I want to be the bad guy.

I spoke with Emilio about his most recent facial sculpting endeavor. It’s reminiscent of the work Steve Haworth performed on The Stalking Cat in 2001. While Cat’s procedure was more of a septum relocation/removal, Cain’s procedure includes significant removal of his nostrils and his septum. Look for more photos in the next BME update and hopefully I’ll post some healed photos once they’re submitted.

Says Emilio (edited for clarity):

My friend Cain from Bogota, Colombia, was waiting a long time to modify his physical appearance. So last year, I took a trip to Bogota and saw, when I met Cain, he had a very hard, rough appearance; even with no modifications, he impressed me. He told me he wanted to look more evil, you know, like the devil itself, and to pay tribute to the name Cain.

I started by giving him silicone horns, and had to take a few trips there for make them bigger — our goal is 2-inch horns, and to eventually add another set of 1.5-inch horns, manufactured by Steve Haworth. Cain was really happy with the work I did and wanted to go to the next step: making his nose like the bad guy from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Lord Voldemort, but with a very personal touch.

When I came home to Caracas, my big friend Cesar Gonzalez (a plastic surgeon, specialized in nose reconstruction) and I had a very long conversation about Cain’s situation. When I went back to Colombia for a tattoo convention, I did the procedure on him — he was more than pleased, and very soon you will see the result. I want to give thanks to BME, and a special thanks to Lukas Zpira for helping me a long time ago to make my first step into the modification world.

See more in Facial Restructuring (Facial Sculpting)

As indicated by Emilio, only a trained professional should attempt this procedure and even then, there are serious risks to consider as it is definitely an advanced body modification! Don’t try this at home!

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  1. *Very* curious as to what the healed result will look like! Please, do keep us posted.

  2. That’s wild! I REALLY like the outcome. The shape of it is very interesting and surprisingly not as weird as the text made it sound. I can’t wait to see what it looks like all healed.

  3. I saw this on his blog a little while ago he has some really intense pictures of the actual procedure. Very interesting I can say for sure that it must have been very painful having gone through a nose reconstruction myself.

  4. i’d be sort of curious to know what his spouse or romantic partner (if he has one) thinks about his transformation. and if he is single, whether his appearance is a concern for him as far as dating.

  5. One step towards the april fools day prank being reality! I wanna see it healed already – I hate posts like this cause im so impatient

  6. its too bad that all of the “horns” people implant just like weird tits on their forehead.

    other than that. this guy looks freakin’ badass. can’t wait to see the nose healed.

  7. tsarik, now that you mention it. . they do kind of look like boobs. :\
    either way, that nose recon. is pretty fuckin’ rad.

  8. too bad horns like that cant erupt through the skin… like a transdermal on the scale of inches.

  9. His nose is totally freaking me out, I’m not sure why, it just does. I’d like to see pictures of it healed though.

  10. Sooooooooooooooooooooo kewl *-*
    It came out amazingly.
    When I saw the cut lines and I heard the term “the bad guy from harry potter” my brain went straight to oh noez but I’m very impressed with the outcome.

  11. It looks just as he wanted it to look. Before I read it, I thought to myself “Woah, that looks like the harry potter dude” Haha. I am really curious to see how it turns out. Keep us posted!!

  12. kinda makes that eyelid microdermal seem a little tame.

    i agree with the milkmaid, i hope he doesn’t lose his nose from this.

  13. Now that’s some modblog worthy shit right there.. Looks amazing, I am superexcited to see the results from this once it has started healing..

  14. I don’t think he’ll lose his nose from this. I’m interested to see how the skin around his nostrils heals. It doesn’t look like it’s entirely sutured closed but it’s also hard to tell from the photos.

  15. when i see mods like this i know body modification is a true art. i would love to see how far can we go with it

  16. all my life i wish to have a normal nose like his original one. his modified nose looks like what i’m currently having. hmm~

  17. I don’t normally say negative things about heavy modification, but I really find this to be a horrible idea and also find it physically unattractive, almost making his face look like that of a burn victim. I believe everyone has the right to modify themselves however they wish, and congrats if he is happy with it… I just hope that he doesn’t end up having apnea episodes or something along those lines. It just seems very dangerous and I’m really surprised that someone other than a plastic surgeon finds himself qualified enough to work on reconstruction to this degree. I know you can say this about almost every heavy modificaion, but isn’t this just so obviously practicing medicine without a license? We’re not talking about a split penis that you can easily hide.

  18. It’s not often we see a truly new mod…I saw this on Emilio’s page a few days ago and knew it was only a matter of time before it showed up here. I can’t wait to see how it heals–best of luck to Cain in healing. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  19. odd, once it’s healed i hope he doesnt end up looking like a lego head man … you know with the flat nose n’ all.

    Also as someone said above his horns are a little boob-like, more like the udders of a cow really, squeeze for tasty milk?

  20. That’s amazing. It must have been incredibly painful to have done and then to go through the healing process.
    I cannot wait to see healed pictures!

  21. after looking at this several times i JUST noticed that the tip is sewn to his philtrum. i’m wondering if it will heal completely, or always feel like it’s pulling back to it’s original position.

    while i worry about infection/illness from having a wider open “nostril” (that’s what they’re there for…), i’m at least glad it’s a heavy mod artist doing it on someone who is deep into heavy mods not just some piercer doing it on some kid who wants to look cool.

  22. I can’t believe no one is taking a cue from the milkmaid and raising the issue that this is so much more intensive than the eyelid microdermal. adult consent aside, this could go very very wrong and i’d definitely like to see how it heals.

    it just goes to show that you’re only applauded on modblog is you’re in the ‘IN’ crowd.

  23. I just can’t get over the face this is basically plastic surgery and Emilio probably isn’t qualified to do it. Lucky it wasn’t done in the States or Canada or anywhere in the First World, hahaha.

  24. emilio esta putamente demente esa modificacion que buena, pero pregunto que tan buena es la cicatrizacion de este tipo poeque seria feo que cicatrizara medio queloide, no se veria bien

    felicitaciones !

  25. If you can’t see the difference between putting a microdermal in a 16 year old’s eyelid and doing this on a consenting heavily modded adult, then there is nothing anyone can do to convince you. As Emilio explains, he consulted and acted with a plastic surgeon on the procedure. I’d rather feature Emilio doing surgical mods than eyelid microdermals.

    As far as I can tell, you’re just looking for something to complain about.

    PS. Want to get together later and get a pedicure? 🙂

  26. Wow. I’m with the milkmaid aswell. I don’t want to be “that guy” but come on, just because you talk to a specialist in facial reconstruction doesnt qualify you for things like this. Tounge splits and implants are one thing but this is a whole new can of worms. It looks interesting but the only thing I’m applauding is how lucky the client and emilio are to have everything go as smoothly as they did, so far.

  27. Not to say that this shouldn’t be done but the only people doing procedures like this should be individuals with extensive medical training and education because yes, there is infact a chance he might lose his nose because of this. The comments would be very different if this had gone wrong, and there is a chance is still could. It may take a surgon to perform this, but it doesn’t take one to tell you this isn’t somthing somone without a medical degree should be performing.

  28. I believe this raises less of an issue than the eyelid micro dermal due to one simple thing..
    There was a long description about the whys and hows along with the pictures, which doesn’t allow for as much speculation/rumor/second hand knowledge as the micro dermal one.

    Human nature to fill in the gabs they see..

    I love it when someone changes one of the few parts that define our looks so heavily.
    The nose is smack middle in the center of your face, so everyone will notice this as soon as they see you.
    Takes a lot of guts to get something like that done.

    I really hope it heals perfectly, but I will admit I wonder how big of a chance of perfect healing there is?
    It already looks like the tissue is fighting to *flip* back into it’s original shape.
    From what I can see it just doesn’t seem like there is all that much holding it in place.

    But maybe I just can’t see everything from these pictures and there is in fact enough tissue (once healed) to hold it in place.

    Like it or not, you have to admit it takes a good amount of self esteem to change something so drastically.

  29. I think that Cat’s nose healed perfectly and I don’t remember reading any complaints or hearing any in person from him. That was a less severe procedure though.

  30. I also agree it would be best to have something like this done by a surgeon, but how realistic is that?
    We can find maybe ten surgeons in the western world willing to do tongue splits, so how likely is it to find any surgeon willing to do something as extreme as this?

    We keep saying some things should only be done by people with a medical background, but the truth is that doctors/surgeons are not generally mod friendly and they have less experience with some things than certain mod artists have.

    I would have happily gone to a surgeon for my tongue split, my implants or transscrotal, but chances are I would either have been turned away or told to seek our a psychiatrist.

  31. Cat’s nose also seemed less, dunno, restricted after the surgery?
    This one just looks stretched out and as if it’s already fighting to get back into shape, which will put a lot of tension on the stitches/healing tissue.
    Maybe Cat’s seemed the same and I just remember wrong, but it’s that tension that worries me.

  32. Wow, crazy procedure.
    It’s strange to be shocked by modblog now that I’ve checked it for so long.

    Yu can see how his body is reacting to the surgery just by looking at his face.
    Like how his lips are withered and his face is pale.

  33. Felicitaciones al pana Emilio tremendo trabajo, siempre un paso adelante en lo de las modificaciones, espero ver pronto nuevas fotos del pana a ver como sano. Suerte y Gaceta Hipica..

    Caracas, Venezuela

  34. well i believe that if the plastic surgeon do what the body mod artist do what is the scent?… we do wath we have and for we are able or trained to do, we don´t questioning to our costumers or their reasons… i did to myself the naveltomia that is a very most extreme prosedure than this… and you have risk of infeccion as any other surgery did it for any sugeon for most experience in medicine that he has….and of course you have to take some medicines for prevent this , and about the pression is not that, because i took of this part of the cartilage and then itself get the form, all the nose was molded with electrocauterizer and all edges of the nose were sutured.

  35. This sort of thing has been within the feasible realm of rhinoplasty for decades but far removed from acceptable on a social level (as it continues to be). A plastic surgeon could have done this a long time ago but wouldn’t and probably still won’t for some time to come. I don’t know precisely how this procedure was done but since a surgeon was consulted it seems reasonable to assume the methodology was fairly sound (would like to see more on it) and as such that puts it well beyond the realm of an eyelid microdermal. Microdermals are still essentially experimental and any placement that endangers an eye, much less the eye of a minor who may or may not have the experience and wherewithall to handle an experimental procedure is far beyond plastic surgery that is only news due to it fallign outside ‘normal’ standards of beauty. The extreme nature of this procedure is the look it creates v what most people consider pretty – as a plastic surgery it is of little to no note otherwise. The eyelid microdermal on the other is extreme in both technical concern and societal reaction and was done under circumstances that make it legitimately ripe for criticism

  36. While people are arguing this mod versus the eye microdermal the point is that this is a very extreme mod and while most actual plastic surgeons wouldn’t do it, at least one was consulted in the procedure. It’s not to say that this will be the next big fad – it certainly shouldn’t be – but *every* mod begins experimentally. That’s just the risk you take in doing ground-breaking mods, such as this one. I cannot wait to see it healed and I wish him all the best in the process. I hope it turns out to be everything he hoped for – it definitely looks amazing!

  37. I think that the angles of the nostril removal may be deceptive in creating the “pressure” that looks like there is on the nose.

    Emilio and The Lizardman have great points and I’m really excited by the discussion we’re seeing in this comment thread. I definitely don’t see this as “ground breaking” as far as procedurally because, like LM said, this is well within the realm of rhinoplasty. The “twist” here if you will is that it goes outside of the normal aesthetic that is popular in the standard concept of beauty.

    Emilio expects to have preliminary healed photos in about 3 weeks, so I’ll be posting those then as a follow up.

  38. The photo’s on Emilio’s page are so much more graphic.

    I can’t wait to see how it looks, when it’s healed. 😀

  39. I can’t say it looks bad, it sort of fits his face.
    What I remember about Cat Man’s looks, he didn’t remove so much of the skin on the outside of his nose.
    I hope it heals well and I sincerely hope he’ll be happy with what he sees in the mirror and the changes in his life.

  40. That looks totally awesome.
    He looks like a devil creature thing. It suits him also.
    I really wanna see it healed, it looks amazing so far 😀

  41. Rather suits him, but I can’t help thinking its a shame because he had such a nice nose to begin with!! But if it is ‘evil’ he is going for, then he has def succeeded, and I hope the healing goes well 🙂

  42. I think that this and the microdermal have nothing to do with eachother, its just that I could probably teach myself how to fix a car from talking to a mechanic it just seems like there is a reason behind all the training and education when it comes to such risky procedures.

  43. Nothing against Emilio because he makes many a good point about how plastic surgeons won’t touch something like that, even though they can. So as mod artists they should be willing to help in whatever way they can,etc.

    However my main concern is terms like: “Trained Professional” when it comes to this sort of thing. Mainly because there is not currently recognized standardized training for a Body Modification Artist. No mod artist that I know of have various years of theory and practical educational training within this realm, much like a plastic surgeon would/should..

    I will say though that by Emilio actually consulting an experienced plastic surgeon, in my opinion, is leaps and bounds more “professional” then other individuals who are not researching/discussing anything and just rockstaring the procedures out left right and center.

    I’m really curious though how Cain is healing and what type of protocol he is following to make sure there is no complications with the healing process…From what I recall doesn’t an average rhinoplasty procedure come with “plenty of down/rest time”…I vaguely remember hearing anywhere from 4-6 months of basically plenty of rest and relaxation and no heavy lifting/exercise,etc.

    I so wanna see how this turns out without the suture,etc…I suspect he’ll look very interesting. *nods* I can’t wait for photo updates on that 😀

  44. I’m not a fan of anything that radically alters the shape of the face, especially when it’s as irreversible as this. Also, I’m not convinced that undergoing a procedure by a guy who talked to a surgeon about it is nearly as safe as getting the procedure done by the surgeon himself/herself, but I concur that if you want something as aesthetically atypical as this, you’ll be waiting a long time for plastic surgeons to undertake the procedure.

    I’m interested in seeing healed pictures.

  45. It is so funny to watch Rachel pretend to be a friend of extreme modifications here and ass-kiss Emilio, while in private she says how disgusting she thinks it is and what a butcher he is.

    Not that this will be approved, because this is a castle of lies and deception.

  46. warren: i think you are overestimating the impact of a nose job. some quickie internet research seems to tell me that you are up and doing stuff after a couple days and probably functioning pretty normally after a couple weeks. my secondhand experience with elective surgeries (i have a few friends who have had breast reductions and other similar procedures, i’ve had some oral surgery) tells me that this sort of thing shouldn’t keep you from most normal activities for more than a couple weeks. and this guy’s procedure doesn’t look like it involved as much (any?) bone fracturing, as is common in a rhinoplasty. ANYWAYS…..

    i too am curious to see what this looks like healed. not my personal aesthetic, but it’s his face and his money! and while i can shake my head at unemployed 20-somethings with lip plates (HOW do you folks think you will get a job?) there’s not much one can say about a tattoo shop owner who is already very modded. clearly this will not prevent him being gainfully employed in his chosen profession….in fact, it might help.

  47. I just visited this guy’s website and I think he’s pretty reckless and irresponsible. He’s not just doing transdermals and branding, but amputations and keloid removal. Just because you wear a mask and gloves does not mean that you are a surgeon. If this was in the States, I’m sure he would have been shut down by the local Dept of Health by now. I really hope his clients do not experience any irreparable harm.

  48. What would happen to extreme mod practitioners if the medical community started offering these type of procedures?

  49. that’s pritty damn cool it reminds me of an orks nose. He must have some serious balls to go thru with that. It’s like the ultamte in cozplay

  50. @ Warren #76 – rhinoplasty procedures have a pretty wide specturm of variance but recovery is often quite short and often there is little to no restriction on normal daily funtioning (other than looking like you got bashed in the face from the bruising, etc) A great deal of the recovery comes from the fact that the patient is often completely put under which would appear to not be the case here. The anasthetic also presents many of the potential complications. As for training, I know of at least one mod practioner who has some of that training formally and several others who have done it without the benefit of being issued certificates/degrees/etc that I would trust more than many doctors I have met. Still, it would be nice if doctors would offer such procedures if only for the benefit of facilities best equipped to deal with worst case complication scenarios during the procedure.

    That leads me to BARF (#82) – they would (I hope gracefully) either get out of the way and let the surgeons do it and/or take their game to the next level and become those surgeons. It is no exaggeration to say that some practioners are only not doctors because of the prejudice of the medical community excluding them from doing what they love

  51. Goal reached! Without reading the article, my first thought was, “Dude, that’s a Voldy nose” :p

  52. To Lizardman:
    Doctors would never do these sorts of procedures mostly due to the possibility of malpractice suits. If something goes wrong during an “experimental” procedure, if patients have remorse and blame docs for doing the surgery, if they have difficulty with employment due to their mods, etc, etc.
    Plus, any medical ethics board would have a field day.
    Simply put – this sort of thing is underground for a reason. It’s not medicine and it’s not surgery. It’s dangerous.

  53. One of the bigger dangers with minor surgery (which this would be if done by a plastic surgeon) is the anesthetics.
    There is a reason why it’s a whole education in itself just to learn to handle those drugs.

    But arguing over who would be the best choice to do something like this is silly.
    Because we have two options in that argument.
    A surgeon or a mod artist.
    Oh, wait, sorry, scratch the first one..
    We only have the choice of the mod artist..

    You might be lucky and find a mod friendly surgeon/doctor willing to do certain things for you, but he/she might not be able to do anything for you due to potential lawsuits, loss of reputation in his field (this is actually a major concern for doctors) and even the opinion of the ethics board could put a stop to it.
    Heck, even if he patient is 100% happy with the result the doctor can still lose his license if his boss/some other government lacky decides this was reckless and to dangerous.

    Until both the medical community AND society as a whole learns to not put their morals on other people this whole argument of surgeon vs. mod artist is as useful as arguing over which god can beat up the other gods.

  54. if he’s into radical procedures, we should have given him my nose so i could have his perfectly shaped before-one. then he could have hacked away at the ugly thing between my eyes.

    think of the possibilities if he also wanted to get into facial tattooing. the lines could follow completely different facial curves and such 😀

    i also want to see something more done with his implants. because i know theyre SUPPOSED to be horns, but that’s never ever what they look like. horns come to points at the end, if you ask me. these are udders. goat udders.

  55. @ Courtney S (#95)

    Your tone and final sentence border on trolling but I am responding anyway

    There are very valid liability concerns but your conclusion that this is dangerous and not medicine is not at all supported by your statements (thus far). This procedure is far less dangerous than the majority of very common elective surgical procedures. Your are right that it is underground for a reason but that reason is that it is lacking in general societal support. Most of the concerns you list in reference to malpractice are ones that are solely based upon societal reactions. Given that the procedure can be done safely and effectively the only potential ethical objection is one of it being rejected by society. The only difference between this and any other rhinoplasty is that more people will disapporve of this one than the others.

    Many doctors would gladly do these procedures if enough people would wake up and realize that their prejudices should not dictate other people’s appearance and thusly support people being allowed to make free choices for themselves regarding modifying their bodies. The doctors are often not opposed to the procedures they are simply worried about being unjustly judged for helping people who do not conform to the standards of the majority.

  56. Shunned from the medical community are you for real? If this was somthing he wanted so bad that he would risk his life for I think he could have put some effort into finding a properly trained and qualified doctor to do it. And If emilio was so interested in doing these types of things then, how about emlio goes and becomes a doctor that offers this type of procedures and also has proper training for when somthing goes wrong? Until that happens this should be considered irrisponsible and dangerous. This is like glorifying assholes who perform sexchange operations in basements.

    Fuck, no wonder the medical comminuty is unaccepting of body modification.

  57. I must say, I find him oddly more attractive after the removal. Can’t wait to see the healed photos! Just remember to trim those nose hairs. 😛

  58. returning to the scene: i’m going to be completely offtopic here and wonder: what’s it like eating with that much metal in your mouth? i’m sure a few people here know the answer to that! i can’ figure out the eating around the spikey bits.

    ….personally, it drives me nuts when people wear jewelry that is so clearly too long/big, and this is a classic example (especially those verticals with the spikes). rrr.

  59. @ tayedangs (#01)

    Given the totality of your comments in this forum you seem to have another axe to grind but as to the most recent…

    Yes, the medical community has shunned body modification and has actively attacked doctors who were willing to perform proceudres like this one, tongue splitting, and many others. People pursuing medical education and training have been snubbed and otherwise discriminated against for letting their pro-mod feelings and intentions be known. I have worked with some and spoken with many more doctors that want to offer these procedures but the risk is too great for them – at least here in the states – given the prejudice of their governing institutional bodies which reflect societies prejudices at large.

    Nobody is saying that this was done under the best possible circumstances which would be a fully trained and qualifed surgeon in a fully equipped operating theatre but rather that it seems to have been done under some of the best attainable circumstances given the restrictions. Sure there is room for criticism but lets make it constructive shall we instead of using it as a mask for whatever the grudge you are carrying around happens to be…

  60. He had a really nice nose to begin with. Not saying he shouldn’t have done this; just that I really like his original nose. And this one, assuming it works out in the end. It looks a little uneven, though. If Emilio had a plastic surgeon friend who seemed to be fine with the idea, why couldn’t he have done it? Worried about losing his medical license if someone found out?

    I wish pointy horns were possible. 🙁

  61. This looks amazing- it changes the entire look from one that’s instantly a person, to a figure where I would do a double take. Incredible work, and so exciting to be able to see this in progress!

  62. Whether it’s a barbie nose or whatever you want to call this, it’s a bad idea to mess with what you are given. There are a number of issues that have affected people I know who’ve had necessary surgery on their noses. Why risk it on something cosmetic? Your body has to last a looong time and if you live a full life, you’re going to be in a number of situations that you can’t foresee. Changing your body will have unforeseen consequences. Insecurity is not a good reason to change your body, unfortunately every post on this blog highlights the results of insecurity.

  63. i want to see the end results…i think he looks better with the nose reconstruction and horns, but then again i’m weird like that.

  64. i wish to thanks to the people that liked my work, and also to the others, of course, because that is all about, the most important thing for me is my costumer who said: every day that passes I am more happy because of my facial modification…

    special thanks to lizardman to support

  65. #100: Alex I think if anything that website and statement point out that even those who are fundamentally trained in such procedures, can fuck up. So if they can succeed as well as fuck up, so can the modification practitioner. So this is something that should be seriously considered 100% and then some, before attempting to get such a procedure done.

    and instead of using the one link of the necrosis perhaps this link would have been more informative: http://www.emedicine.com/ent/topic689.htm

  66. Just to make one think clear; while a bunch of hacks does work they are not qualifyed to do, my experience is that mod artists do extensive research before doing procedures. And Emilio has years of experience. I had a senior plastic surgeon do my circumcision and it turned out horrible, it looked like frankendick, and he was happy with the result saying it was pefect. Later I had Bruno, a great Italian artist fix it, and it turned out great! My only regret is not going to a modartist straight away.

  67. Quite intense procedure, seems to be well done, at least on final pictures, I’m sure it will turn out great. We have fell again on the BM vs Dr’s topic, let people do what they want to, same with BM practitioners, I have done risky procedures that in theory “only” a doc could perform, and it doesn’t change anything if you’re well informed and you know all what you’re doing, I have never studied medicine (as emilio usually has stated), btw you can’t expect to have for example a tongue splitting done by a surgeon when he doesn’t even know how the hell you can do a transscrotal. You also have pictures of your self navel removal?

    #72: Is “chupAcabras”, with “A” 😉

  68. I actually think this is the most impressive thing i have ever seen on modblog, and I’ve been here from the very start. I am dumbstruck. I think it’s great. Please keep us updated.

  69. Wow. I really don’t like this *sigh* i’m looking at his eyes the most and he looks like he’s on major drugs and has some sort of problem… just IMO here.

  70. Wow- this is amazing. I’m really excited to see skilled, educated practitioners pushing the boundaries of modification like this. Its long over due. With the level of alterations being made to suit traditional standards of beauty- why wouldn’t more people be coming forward, wanting to customize there face and body in such ways? We know we have the technology to do it- we just need those brave few to get the ball rolling.

  71. I guess its time for me to pick a new name to post comments with considering someone else (#40) has taken it upon themselves to use mine. =/

    Just saying this so people don’t think it was me that posted that.

  72. That Guy is Sick!
    WHO THE FUCK WOULD DO THAT????….He just DESTROYED his life!
    I feel so so bad for his parents >_<
    He looks evil or something.

  73. sure #125….I would never get plastic surgery so I could look like Zappa….duh…..Enjoying his music and images of him is enough for me. And I probably won’t ever get a Zappa tattoo on my face….and I have plenty of facial hair, and I never cut it to look like Zappa, although I could……so thanks for the comment…..and by the way, mine was #117, not #115….

  74. I like the nose job, but I have a hard time understanding why he’d want nipples on his forehead. They make his face look like 2/3ds of a cow’s udder.

  75. Now he cannot start or continue a cocaine habit with those nostrils. What about his nose hairs? Snow Skiing with frigid air blasting up your, well, partial nose would be hell – no pun intended. Wow – I cringed and grabbed my breasts. Good thing they are where they should be. Best of luck to him in the future – I am sure he is very nice, but it is hard to look at him and not think of the pain. Very interesting that “plastic” surgery was intended for burn victims, war injuries and breast cancer. Now it can be used for vanity and self mutilation. Imagine how the physically injured feel watching a healthy attractive person alter their bodies and faces. It is a little f’d up.

  76. One thing that has not been pointed out though. Imagine what our community and BME would look like if we absolutely never did anything surgical or potentially dangerous that wasn’t performed by a surgeon. It would be absolutely ideal for surgeons to be one to do these things, but since they won’t…. I mean, we’d have tattoos and peircings and that would be about it.

  77. That looks completley outrageous and he looks stupid, if he’d have been born like that he’d have been devistated. Looks like he has a couple of nipples growing out of his head.

  78. jajaja ke tremenda guevonada seguro ke estava con unos traguitos de mas jajajaaj veras cuando se le pase la borrachera jajajaj

  79. que embarrada sabiendo que era un hijo de dios la mentira que sele armo en la cabeza ojala no se arrepienta cuando en verdad venga el mismisimo cain dios lo bendiga …………

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