29 thoughts on “Timepiece Chestpiece

  1. That is beautiful!
    I love the red used for the gears, and it’s so refreshing to see a chestpiece that isn’t heart related
    I wonder the significance of the time (It’s gotta mean something..)
    Wonderfully done!

  2. I’m feeling the potential, but also that it doesn’t quite make it. Looks like it’s missing something. Still, as #1 said, it’s nice to see an original chest piece.

  3. time heals everything, and this is so beautiful.

    (and big tits are overrated. all you need is a handfull!)

  4. the 9 and 11 aren’t mixed up, it looks like it at first, but the numbers are written with the bottom being the outer circumference of the clock…

  5. but normally the numbers are written with the bottom on the inside. Especially if you look at 11 and 12, they should be to the same side.

    But I forgot to mention that, other than that, I do like this piece. I noticed I sounded mean on my post.

  6. If you read them all as bottom out, 12 is backwards/upside down, like #12/goomy said.

    I wish I hadn’t noticed that. I thought this was beautiful… but I’m such a stickler for getting the technical right that I can’t love this.

  7. This piece is beautiful and a welcome break from the over-used and heart-themed chest-pieces. The colours are fantastic and the style in which it has been tattooed is great, very “rustic”. However, I do wonder if it is connected to the heart at all which I have sometimes heard being referred to as a persons “ticker”. It may be an idiom only I have heard, but it was just a thought.

    The only “flaw” I can see is that (in this photo) the eight doesnt look all there, but it might be lighting.

    I’d like a little more information on this tattoo personally if only to cure my intrigue and to have some questions answered. For example:
    ~Why this theme for their chestpiece/What is the significance (if any)?
    ~Why are the hands pointing at that particular time?
    ~Why are the cogs red?

    I love this piece. Great work.

    : )

  8. As the wearer of three clock tattoos, I always find it interesting that people expect a deep meaning for the particular time on the face of the clock. None of mine are significant times – they either came from a piece of source materials or were chosen for aesthetic reasons by the respective artists. My only rule was that the placement of the clock’s hands needed to be legitimate (i.e. ‘possible’).

    This tattoo is lovely. The numbers are a little weird, but that could even be intentional. I especially love the gears!

  9. absolutely gorgeous!
    I LOVE it.

    The shading of the gears, the clock’s design…


  10. My hubby would love this! He’s really in gears/clocks and steampunk stuff. 🙂 It’s really pretty.. I love the colors.

  11. *bump*
    Too good not to bring up again…
    anybody notice that this piece appears to be a coverup of something else?
    –between the gears to your far left (her right)
    –under the edge of the watch at the VII
    –to the right of the large gear on the same side (her left) can actually see what appears to be the word “god”

    I have had a couple of coverups over the years, and this one is excellent! As for the transposition of the roman numerals, perhaps she wanted it that way. Her tattoo, she must like it to let it be shown over the web.

    C YA!

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