This was all she could find..

Max Brand writes..

Her nose ring came out so until she could come into the studio this was all she could find to keep the hole open! I made fun of her and then put the proper jewelry back in. She was a good sport about the whole thing.

Click through for the bigger picture.

30 thoughts on “This was all she could find..

  1. Remains me of my old “metal face” idea: people with multiple facial piercings (nose, lip, cheeck etc) could add multiple chains to connect them to create “patterns”.

  2. I grew up in Malaysia and since all public schools have uniforms you can’t wear big jewellery. Some girls would come to school with little slivers of garlic in their ear piercings – according to my mum it has antibacterial properties.

    @arto: That idea predates you by far. Friend from Bangladesh showed me her cousin’s wedding photos. Cousin had an enormous nose ring connected to her earrings by a chain. See the first blockquote here:

  3. Oh wow I thought it was a bracelet at first and I did NOT understand… I’ve never seen earrings that long, hahaha.

    Cute pictures though – looking silly for a bit beats losing a piercing, I think!

  4. i’ve done this so many times before. sometimes, when i would lose my jewelry for my paired nostrils while i was out or at a party, i would just borrow someones simple, medium sized diamond earrings and no one could tell the difference.

  5. No, a safety pin certainly would not be better. If it was small enough to fit through the piercing without tearing it, how would you get it to close without irritating it? If you just left it open, you could potentially puncture the septum or anything that happens to hit the side of your face.

    But on to the picture. I’ve almost had to do this before, haha. I feel for her, but it’s also so funny.:)

  6. This actually happened to me…
    I got my nose pierced by some dumb ass piercer 2.5 years ago…
    Anyway, the original jewelery came out and I didn’t succeed in putting it back in,
    so I took an earring from my father’s girlfriend and went to the studio with it….
    Although it was smaller than this one =)

  7. …then she goes home, only to find now ALL the cool girls are walking around with huge nose chains… :D

  8. HAHA!…..thanks for mod blogging this….I knew someone would get a laugh out of it, but I didn’t expect to see it on here…..But really, when she walked in the door, we all pointed and laughed…..but I’m pretty sure she totally expected that. I still can’t believe that she didn’t have any other earring to stick in there….

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