22 thoughts on “Pixies, Everywhere!

  1. in my experience a bit of heavy on the hips can be very sweet on your lips 😛
    big girls need lovin’ too

  2. i like the cupcake tattoo a little 🙂

    the top tattoo, ive gotta appreciate the talent to make something like that happen. and she’s a gorgeous girl. but years and years from now, you’ll just have to explain to your kids ‘she was on some reality show about tattoo shops…’

    but the concept of tattooing tattoos onto someone (i.e. pixies tattooed arm tattooed onto that man’s tattooed arm) kind of makes me wonder how many levels of tattooed tattoos deep we can go. now, someone get a tattoo of that man tattooed on your arm, with his pixie tattoo, with her tattoos. then have a friend get a tattoo of you with your, his, and her tattoos. oh, the possibilities!

  3. Someone should get an infinite cat tattoo. You know the picture of a cat looking at a picture of a cat on a monitor looking at a picture of a cat looking at a cat on a monitor looking at a….
    Guess what? Picture.
    Or another cat looking at a….

  4. Cupcake tattoo’s awesome…I’m not majorly hot on the one of Pixie though; I think she’s a really beautiful woman and it just…doesn’t do her justice, or something. For a girl that’s so colourful, the tatt’s pretty dull.

  5. pixie isnt on the show anymore… pretty sure shes back to being a piercer at the velvet grip and doing the make up artist thing. Met her once in boston and holy crap shes so beautiful!!!

  6. aww thanks anji – but Marci is tattooing my other hip with a huge firey bird. Nick did this one! silly billy.

  7. I think the idea of this ‘one day you’ll be old and have to explain why you have this outdated concept on you’ thing is kinda hokey. Who says you have to explain your tattoos to anyone?

    I like the cupcake tattoo – it’s really cute – but I could never have it on me. It’d only sit there, glaring at me, all ‘don’t eat that or you’ll get FAT!’. Still. It’s adorable.

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