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  1. I would honestly be scared putting my Johnston anywhere near that many piercings (heh) let alone a crazy glowing clown but none the less props from uniqueness hehe :) .

  2. I’m usually one of those people who says “whatever makes you happy”…but seriously…a clown….on your vagina!

  3. So were you trying to cover up or emphasize the fact that you’re ugly as hell down there?

  4. that would be odd for me. clowns and I dont get along too well. I had this same scenario happen with a vag tatooed like a venus flytrap, huge nightmares that night…

  5. I don’t want to be ‘that’ person but the only thing ugly around here lately is the attitiude of some of the posters. -_-

  6. “There’s a glowing clown in my panties”……

    The combination of that caption and the picture struck me as funny as all hell. The tattoo itself without the blacklight didn’t do all that much for me – but sometimes, it’s about fun as much as anything else, and this one hit the mark with that.

    I do hope that any one who performs oral on her isn’t afraid of clowns, though (that’s a not at all uncommon phobia btw).

  7. Exaclty, what is wrong with her vagina? Ho hum.
    Anyway, the tattoo – Not my cup of tea, but interesting all the same! I can’t even begin to imagine my boyfriend’s face if I got that done XD

  8. The piercings rock .. and I think the ink is killer, but staring at the clown during oral would freak me out …

  9. so.. does she do lots of naked rave parties?
    or is her bedroom just swamped with black lights?

  10. Wow, people really are very rude about personal choices of tattoos.
    Personally I’m terrified of clowns so wouldn’t consider getting anything like that, but I love the idea.
    Plus its pretty goddamn original, isn’t it?
    Kudos for having the guts to get something like that.

  11. I’m also loving these comments from people with -female- names talking about clowns on vaginas! Last I checked, the female genital region was called a -vulva-. ;)

  12. I love how on the first picture, it looks like the clown has its tongue pierced with that uv ball!!

  13. well, that’s defintiely not my favorite tattoo and in my honest opinion, she’s got way too much metal in that area – keeping it clean must be extremely hard.

    I don’t know. I can watch horrible videos of amateur tongue splittings, but this made me shudder.

    Ah well.


  14. i’m not really a fan of UV tattoos but this one came out looking so nice that i can’t help but like it

  15. The sex=clown blowjob is a definite giggle.
    But going down on there now? Eeeek! 0_o
    Don’t think I could do it.
    To each her own, though! Rockin’ use of UV.

  16. I’m not a fan of UV tattoos. When they’re lit up I think they look messy. I don’t think an angry clown coochie tattoo is the best of ideas either, but paint me vanilla. At least it’s not mine? :P

  17. I have to say, that is both terrifying and brilliant… i do like it, in a very strange way thats most likely gonna give me nightmares. but w/eva, its certainly original.

  18. haha I seriously love this… maybe not the best quality but still an awesome tattoo and idea :D. And I dont see anything wrong with her vagina. Looks pretty delicious to me :D lol

  19. It’s not the clown that’s scary…it’s that his tongue becomes the labia! I mean, scary in a unique and freaky-good way. Not my cup of tea but humor goes a long way with me.

    #32, keeping a variety of genital mods clean is as easy as taking a shower and using a mild soap and water =)

  20. The glowing nails are 10x more scary hahaha. This reminds me of cheesy old funfair rides with blacklights!

  21. cuntcumber- It’s more likely than you think. ;D

    This just makes me want a UV tattoo- I love the colors, haha. That is an awful lot of metal in her labia, though. I can’t imagine what that feels like.

  22. That’s so clever I have to give it props. Though UV generally creeps me out. I imagine it turning into festering toxic goo inside people’s bodies and this just doubles my jibblies into something like


    But that’s not because it isn’t damn cool. :)

    And uh, what is wrong with the way that vulva looks? I don’t get it.

  23. Whoever runs this site doesn’t understand this VERY basic concept: posts of a higher sexual nature get at least double the # of comments. Double the # of comments means double the # of visitors, in turn, double the number of visitors means double the success of the website- When will you guys realize this?

  24. Argh! It’s just so wrong!
    I hope that makes her happy, but she’s going to have to be prepared for some future partners running with their arms full of clothes.

  25. Whats with insulting someones body when all they wanted to do was share their mods with like minded people?
    If you want to see an ugly cunt, grab a mirror you fucking assholes.

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  27. I think its kind of cool. So what, was it tattooed normally, then gone over with UV ink?

    Hope none of her future partners are scared of clowns tho!

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