50 thoughts on “Something Up His Sleeve.

  1. i can’t even imagine trying to heal that. what hell. best of luck to the wearer though

  2. It’ll feel great when one rips out. Maybe clear boxing tape ’round his arm would help.

  3. I’m getting really tired of all these surfaceprojects without a chance of healing.
    We’ve seen 300variations of it, first 20 were interesting.

  4. probably would’ve looked better and been more practical with flat discs instead of balls
    mind you if it was too much problem, they’d look sweet as scars when he takes em out

  5. that is insane. but i agree, it would last better done with micro dermals but a damn good idea.

  6. We all know and I think the piercee does as well that it’s not going to last, so let’s focus more on asthetics aye? Anyway, ooooooooooh!!

  7. Oh and yeah obviously dermals would have a better chance of living but personally I don’t think it’d look as good, the raised effect from the surface bars really adds to it

  8. Snark – I think Im way more sick of people’s “Thatll never heal!” comments than the pictures of neat piercing projects, but that could be just me…

    Anyway, I think it looks awesome!

  9. More shiteous work from the local bong shop. Why anyone in Surfers would spend their money getting a surface project done crappily with garbage jewellery when Anders works just down the road at Flesh Impressions is absolutely beyond me.

  10. i have hope on this…why!?’cuz i healed a piercing that everyone said that would make my lip fall apart xD…


    When I went into their Melbourne shop they all pounced on me like 5 year olds on the easter bunny, all simultaneously telling me how hardcore I was for having my neck tattooed and telling me their plans for their own necks/hands/faces etc. Friendly, but fuck they were annoying.

    At first I thought it was just some kind of cheesey bongs & band merch kind of shop, but then we went down to the far end of the shop & I saw all their jewellery loose in little plastic display units being handled by staff & customer alike & I got a distinct impression that they have a severe lack of knowledge/training in anything vaguely piercing related.

    P.s. I thought armband tattoos were bad, but this is next level shit.

  12. I would never get pierced at Off Ya Tree, nor would anyone interested in sterile and well performed piercings.

  13. “Her brah, thats a sickwickedawesome tribal Christmas tree you’ve got there!!!” (spoken with a surfer-junky accent)

    12 & 14 Why would you be more interested in your, ummm, unique views on aesthetics than on how realistic a mod is from the healing/longevity standpoint??
    It reminds me of myself in my younger days… “ohh man, I totally want to get my eyelid pierced. Fuck healing, it looks so sweet!”

  14. Click the name-link above to see a picture of an awesome “surface bar” put into a teenaged girl’s face by a piercer at Off Ya Tree. Dinged up with pliers and the shiny “finish” flaking off, mmm, delicious.

    And even if the above piercing had discs on the ends of the bars instead of balls (which is impossible, as OYT use externally threaded jewellery and bend “surface bars” out of barbell stock), they still wouldn’t be flush with the skin – look how much length is hanging out of those piercings!

  15. I don’t really like the look of it at all, would be horribly impractical and annoying to get dressed with. As long as the wearer enjoys it, its all good I spose.

    Never intended to get pierced by that lot, but I’m further convinced not to go there now, ty Lori and Lovelife 🙂

  16. why do the piercing in the first place? why do the piercing in this way? WHY POST THIS ON MODBLOG?

  17. And I have to “compete” with Off Ya Tree. I’d rather they just stop piercing and stick to selling t-shirts and bongs. I don’t know if I would take this guys money, there would be about $1000 worth of dermal anchors in this piece. I don’t know, I just hope this is an old picture.

  18. Hmm, I never said anything about my “unique views on aesthetics”. I just agree that the constant “that will never heal” comments get really old. I think a lot of us have a good idea of what has a fair chance of healing, and what doesn’t. When the only thing a person has to offer is “that will never heal” why bother posting at all? I’m sure the person with the piercings has already figured out how much fun living with that sucker will be.

    The entry doesn’t really have a story, so who knows, this could have been taken out 5 min. later. If this shop is as “good” as everyone on here claims it to be, then isn’t it his own fault for agreeing to this sort of thing?

    To be honest, I think it looks rather silly.

  19. We probably all know this wont heal,and that wasnt the point of my post.
    The point is that badly done surface piercings in massive amounts and strange patterns
    have been on modblog way to many times.

    Its the modblog variant of a tribal.

    I just think its really boring.

  20. Ha, I was mainly interested in how this could be considered a “neat piercing project”
    Aesthetically, this hurts my eye balls, but that could just be me…

  21. PsychoPenguin: I have to disagree with you in blaming the clients…Saying its THEIR fault that they got work done by a poorly trained piercer, just isnt right.

    Its NOT the clients fault, its the piercer/studios fault for allowing sub-standard techniques/jewelry to be used.

    Clients shouldn’t have to research every single fact on what and how things are to be done. Clients should be able to literally walk into ANY studio and know that they are getting work done that meets some type of standard. Most clients I work on don’t even have a clue what BME is or where to research…They see pictures…Some even just say: “I’ve wanted a piercing for so long, right here in this spot, can it be done?”

    Hell just today I had a guy, who knows nothing about Modblog/BME,etc ask me if its possible to do a surface piercing (he just referred to it as a piercing, not surface piercing) inside the mouth, along the cheek lining,etc. I thought he saw it on the internet,etc and the reality was he didn’t and simply always thought about a piercing there. So I explained everything in detail to him so he’d understand the scope of what he was asking.

    Again I say its not up to the clients to fully comprehend every single small factoid that is involved with getting a piercing. They should be able to literally walk into any studio and get pierced with the right kind of jewelry by a qualified practitioner.

    Most just assume that the cheaper price is a result of a sale, or that the more expensive people are just trying to rip you off,etc. I just personally don’t expect the sun, the stars and the moons from my clients…And I will never put any sort of blame on them, unless its warranted and even then blame would be too harsh a word what I’d utilize my wording as. But then again I and various other piercers who’ve responded above, are a different kind of fish, then the ones we’re talking about.

  22. The worst thing is Off Ya Tree tells people they can actually heal this kind of thing!!! Total lack of regard for the clients, just bring that money on in and when it starts rejecting it’s ‘get fucked’!

    Piercings like this are fine short term or play (for shits and giggles :P), but aren’t really in the long term feasible . . . . but you won’t see off ya tree telling anyone that.

  23. im just being purely hypothetical here maybe it was a bit of fun never intended on keeping it in never intended on anything more than a week or so and maybe it was just something cool to pass time

    i know i’ve been there

    im sure whoever did it knows full well it wont heal

    i just hope they told the customer that at the time and gave them massive discounts rather than the going rate for each individual piercing

    p.s. i know nothing of the client or piercer ……

  24. diddy: definitely a purely hypothetical question and if that was the case, I’d still have a complaint about self-bending jewelry and gouging the surface with the bending pliers,etc. But sadly I believe the client came in and said they wanted it and the individual in question said: “SURE!” no consent forms were filled out, virtually zero aftercare instructions were discussed and I bet the client simply assumed something like this would work out…Sadly its not just this piercing chain only either, there’s plenty of shops in Australia doing this exact same thing, daily.

    The sad fact is here in Australia diddy, this is practically the norm from this shops chain. It’s as if they’ve gone through the same manner of “training” (most have roughly 1-2 months “extensive” training) and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen surface work like this (not just from this studio chain either), and I’ve only been living in Australia for just over a year.

    The most recent being a 14ga straight barbell bent into a crude surface bar shape and inserted at the base of the neck where her shoulders and neck met (every time she moved her head the surface piercing moved all over the place). It was only a few weeks old and was very shallow and red and already rejecting. I begged the girl who was 16 years old(if I remember she JUST turned 16 as well) to let me remove it and give it a clean up,etc. But she said she paid the money and went through everything, she really wanted to try and heal it…So since I couldn’t force her I simply told her that it needs to come out and if she needs any help at all, to come see me and I’d be glad to help out.

    But like I said Australia is RIDDLED with these problems and its very sad and frustrating at the same time.

  25. I say frustrating because surface bars have been around for quite some time now, microdermals are now out as well….information is readily and easily available for piercers to continue to upgrade their knowledge base and grow and become more skilled artists.

    But so many are locked within their own delusion of grandeur that they are the best of the best and nobody can touch them because they are piercer…They think they’re doing great amazing top of the line work, but they don’t look up past the feedbag and self-reflect and compare against a variety of piercers internationally.

    A piercer should always be their worst critic…They should also be searching for better more up to date knowledge…Because there is always something knew to learn within our profession.

    I’m sure that the majority of piercers who frequent BME/IAM/Modblog,etc can at least confirm that.

  26. I have gotten both my ears and nipples pierced at not only Off ya Tree but the EXACT SHOP he is in, in Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast – Australia, (25mins from where im sitting right now 🙂 )

    I can vouch for their use of sterile equipment and professional piercers, they provide free aftercare products (Easypiercing spray solution) and a guide on how to keep clean.

    Although, of course – I agree this has to be a temporary mod and god knows how you would keep yourself from snagging but this would of been his decision not the staff of Off Ya Tree.

  27. Thought I might add that ‘Anders’ the sweedish piercing and scarification expert works at Flesh impressions, a 10min drive from the ‘Off Ya Tree’ this guy visited who is a master of microdermals(or at least better than anyone else in QLD)

    I would say most bodymod fans on the coast are aware he works there and would of considered that option if they wanted a permanent style piece.

  28. Tom: You’d actually be very surprised..Because remember not EVERYONE is a “bodymod fan”

    but if you want I can happily do some surveying of the general public when I am back down in Brisbane and Gold Coast area of your statement.

    I consider Anders a good friend of mine and often I recommend people to him…But I’m sure he and I will both agree there’s bound to be people, even people who get piercings, who might not know who he is,etc.

    People often put blinders on, like that.

  29. Also I’d like to point out that it appears that the Surfers Paradise store is looking for a new/expierenced body piercer.

    Yet if you read the description of the requirements on the shops webpage all that the shop demands you have, is heavy experience in sales…The only thing you need to have in order to be a body piercer with them is: “A passion”…Notice how it doesn’t even talk about specific training requirements to be a body piercer or anything like that, you just need to have “a passion” for piercing. No Bloodborn Pathogens/Infection Control, no First-Aid or CPR, no apprenticeship training or anything…..you just need “a passion” for piercing.

    to me, that’s a bit worrying…Because I would expect anyone touching me with a needle in the piercing realm would have a bit more than just “a passion”…I would expect them to understand the entire ins and outs of body piercing and what they are about to perform on me.

    They need to understand and explain exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it…If they include aftercare,etc they need to be able to explain exactly what the product is and why it works. Same with the jewelry they are using,etc.

    As I said before this isn’t even a OYT problem, this is a problem worldwide, when it comes to body piercing.

  30. Fair enough Warren there will always be people out there who ignore the advice of their friends, piercers or dont care for advice in general, these people always get the piercing they deserve — also I suppose the people who think “why would I pay for a piercing when I can poke a hole through myself” would be lumped into this category.

    I cant speak for all Off Ya Trees but I know the manager of the Gold Coast one has a list of every piercing each piercer is qualified to do and will literally only let them perform those until they have been properly trained. For instance one of their staff who I wont name, but short cute girl in her early 20′s does a lot of piercings but I heard the manager tell her she still isnt ready to do female nipple piercings as yet.

    I dont mean to totally defend the store, hell Im almost at the point where it sounds like I work there but really im just a guy who happens to live close to it and have been visiting it for years (i enjoy a ‘smoke’ and took my dad to get his first piercing there at age 60!)

    So although they *DO* look dodgy(undeniable) their really actually quite good……or at least from everything ive seen while ive been in there over the years.

  31. Oh my gosh! Its awesome Dane got this posted on modblog.I used to work with him 😀

    Apparently that guy took all those out,too…what a waste!

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