46 thoughts on “Anti-Swallows.

  1. Storks? Looks like a couple of Flamingo’s to me… with duck feet.
    Very original. I love it.

  2. This makes me terribly happy.
    And his neck tattoo looks interesting… wish we could see more of that.

  3. oh. I’m getting this actually but instead of flamingos they are going to be Rhinoceros horn bill birds and the are going to be on my hips, and the banner is going to say “damnant quod non intelligunt” which is a Latin proverb for “they condemn what they do not understand”.

    sucks that someone executed the idea (albeit different slightly) before I got the chance to :(

  4. Yeah! It’s like self referential pseudo ironic comment on the popularity of traditional tattooing within a subset of a subculture. It’s like, yeah, um, so like, awesome.

    Oh, hang on, it’s just a steaming bag of shit.

    It’s a dumb idea that will make no sense in 20 years. Fine for a small tattoo, but not for a chestpiece.
    Has he realised that flamingos are the new wolves, which were the new owls, which were the new crows, which were the new kanji wich were the new Taz which were the new swallows?

    It’s kinda like that scene in the Devil wears Prada where the intern thinks she has nothing to do with fashion but has it pointed out to her that what she is wearing is a watered down version of high fashion from 5 years ago.

    So I’m sticking with “it’s a steaming bag of shit.”

    I can’t wait to hear the retrospective reasoning about deep childhood memories and personal meaning.
    I’d prefer if it was just a dare while drunk. It certainly looks that way from the quality of the tattoo. Not just the banner, which was obviously done first, as a joke, but the whole badly tattooed, ill fitting bag of shit that is the whole thing.

  5. “WTF” is the kid from the Emperor Wears No Clothes.

    I spend so much time laughing at the crowds ooohing and ahhhing over the beautiful golden threads!

  6. WTF – Yeah, except that the majority of the images you mentioned were quickly recognized as fad. While it can be argued that swallows are just reemerging as fad, in reality, they have been a pretty decent constant since their conception back in the early days of Americana.

    I just don’t see the purpose in bashing the concept, especially not with such a flawed arguement…

    1) You say that swallows were just a pop culture piece that have been replaced by a long list of newcomers and wont be remembered in 20 years…

    2) But you referred to swallows as traditional…which they are.
    *Note: The concept of ‘tradition’ implies that it has been and will be around for quite a while (going on more than 60 years now).

    3) Since when were deformed flamingos the new anything?? lol

    The workmanship on this piece is sub-par, granted, but kudos on the social commentary.

  7. i feel like maybe the banner is supposed to be funky?
    i like it a lot. i think it’s hilarious, plus i love flamingos.

    WTF- um, maybe it’s not fine for YOUR chestpiece. also, did you really just compare that to Devil Wears Prada?. the color “cyan” (or whatever it was) is not really comparable to this.

  8. 26 – agreed
    words look shaped to fit the banner
    banner looks designed to be held by the birds

  9. Kent:
    I agree with you. Swallows and pretty much any traditional American tattoo designs have lasted because they transcend ‘fad’ and usually strike a chord with deep rooted human emotions, if the wearer realises this or not.

    I was commenting on the stupidity of the ‘brown is the new black’ mentality.
    Recently “X animal” is the new “Y animal that certain internet celebrity tattooer used once” has plagued tattooing and stunted genuine creativity.

    I’m looking forward to a “Fuck Flamingos” bodysuit in about 6 months.
    I would say 6 years, but I’m adapting Moore’s law to tattoo trends.

    It’s exactly comparable to cyan in that movie.
    The wearer of the super shitty wonky ass flamingo tattoo believes that they are above what they see as a trend or tradition. In reality they chose a currently popular tattoo subject that actually weakened the mentality of bucking a trend.

    2 squares with “fuck swallows” in the traditional placement would have said far more than a wonky ass piece of steaming horse (or flamingo) shit that contradicts itself.

    Everybody has the right to have whatever they want tattooed on them.
    If they submit that to an internet site or post it themselves on a publicly viewable internet blog, then everybody else has the right to laugh at the stupidity of the person (if not the tattoo).
    It’s one of the fantastic prices of freedom.

    Please continue to enjoy comedic, ironic shitty tattoos. There is nothing to see here…

  10. wow WTF..you get picked on a lot as a kid or something? You need to find more constructive ways to vent your anger than getting all high and mighty on a body modification blog and throwing around a bunch of derogatory statements about a tattoo that was obviously meant as a joke. Lighten up.

  11. Every time you read the word “kudos” on modblog, you know it’s going to be followed by some limp, sweaty handshake of a comment.

  12. trailerparkjesus:
    Of course I was bullied as a kid, that’s why I’m here and why I’m covered in tattoos. It’s it the same for many of us I presume. There was no anger in my posts, just dismay at yet another ugly tattoo being cooed at on modblog.
    But it did move me enough to comment because of it’s self referential pseudo irony.

    Jokes can be well executed and beautiful too, even bad ones.
    Some of my tattoos are bad and because of that they are funny. I’m cool with with people verbally bashing them or my motivations.

    If I wanted to act high and mighty, I’d be the internet regular who makes smarmy comments that ignore the current subject. Just like paleblue did.

    See you at the next crappy tattoo post.

  13. PS. My comment was in relation to “kudos on the social commentary” and therefore is relevant to the current subject. But I liked it when you called me “smarmy”. Mmmmm.

  14. WTF – You seem to be in some form of indecision about whether you think this is a serious piece or a joke… Are you saying that you think it’s a joke and you are just vehement about thinking that he lacks comedic style?
    Are you saying that you think that he is intent upon making it known that he is anti-traditional and has done so in a very trite way?

    We may never know his intent but I cant help but think that the quality of the tattoo has irked you to a point where you felt like it just wasn’t good enough to bash the tattoo and needed to fight against both that and the concept.

  15. i know im waaaay out of the league with this but when i first saw it i laughed just cuz i have such a perverted mind lol

  16. this tattoo is on me. its not even close to being finished. the banner hasnt even been TOUCHED with any color. the background is going to be light blue and yellow rays coming from my implant and the birds need a rough run over. so go bash someone elses tattoo and go fuck yourself.

  17. that’s a great tattoo – i’m sick and tired of seeing the uber-trendy almost always shittily done sparrows all the time.

  18. WTF you are most deff from 4chan / /b/
    no doubt
    keep up your shit

    the tatto is hillarious
    i found the irony to be fantastic

  19. I have a pair of swallows and I think this is cute as shit. :D

    (I think WTF needs a sense of humor. Or to go look up the definition of irony before assuming everyone is after that :D )

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