27 thoughts on “Suited and Split

  1. Ha! I love that he doesn’t have stretched lobes or facial piercings…He’s a unique one in this community of very unique individuals.

  2. There is NOTING sexier than a modded guy in a well-fit suit. And it makes it all the better that as minimal as his mods may be, it is still an extreme one.

  3. every time i see a split tongue i wonder if they have a lisp… would a split tongue give you a lisp?

  4. #17 Wondering…:


    Most people people with a split tongue don’t have a lisp. I’ve got mine for over 1,5 years now, and no-one has ever yet noticed it unless i showed them.

    When the tongue is split very deep, it can lead to a (slight) lisp for some people though.

  5. This guy woke up one day and was like “how can I look even more pathetic?”… Mission accomplished.

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