Announcement: New Blog!

Hey, folks. So, as some of you may have noticed over the weekend, we’ve got a new blog over on the main news page! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the BME News Blog (very catchy, unique name, we know — suggestions are welcome). Rather than focusing on the BME community (as ModBlog tends to), the News Blog will catch the stories in the rest of the media that affect and are related to body modification. It’s not unlike the old newsfeed, but in this format, we’ll be able to explore some of these stories more deeply when necessary, and hopefully keep you all in the loop with regard to stories you may have missed.

Soon, we’ll have a proper tip form set up again, but until then, feel free to send any news tips to [email protected], and check the News Blog! (Updated several times daily, god willing.)

7 thoughts on “Announcement: New Blog!

  1. is there really a necessity for two of them?
    it’s sort of a pain to have to go to both every day a couple of times.
    and from looking at the already posted items there they do look like they could belong in modblog, even if they are from other sources.

    I guess I’m just no good with change haha,as a matter of fact, I was one of the ones first complaining about the new modblog but now I love it! So maybe I will just have to warm up to this new part of BME as well.

  2. It was a little confusing at first, but I don’t mind.
    I’m really only interested in the modblog, so … But anyways :)

  3. I’m diggin’ the News Blog!

    I don’t think it’s really ModBlog material, and it won’t take away from my ModBlog visits. I see it as more of an improvement on the BME news links that used to be on the main page.

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