“Get Ink on Your Executive’s Face!” and Other Bad Jokes

Hey, remember that really funny comedian who did that great bit about tattoos? Neither do we! A valiant effort, nonetheless, from Prescott Montgomery:

Sadly, based on the fact that this video was posted on Funny or Die, I can only surmise that Mr. Montgomery has shuffled off this mortal coil. That Will Ferrell is such a bastard. Godspeed, hero.

5 thoughts on ““Get Ink on Your Executive’s Face!” and Other Bad Jokes

  1. i have to admit that the part were he was talking about people who do chinese characters was funny…but then it all went wrong for me x|

  2. I agree.
    but even the jokes about ‘Chinese characters’ I’ve heard everywhere else to.
    so, overall. a pretty sub standard act.

  3. not so good… just perpetuating stereotypes of tattooed people being either stupid or violent. I think we have all seen proof on BME that even people with extreme face tattoos can have successful careers – unlike this guy :p

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