33 thoughts on “Skulls and Skeletons

  1. I Flipping Love It
    Quite possibly my new favorite tattoo…and I haven’t said that since. . .ever.

  2. absolutely gorgeous, would love to see it once its fully completed (assuming that it isn’t of course).

  3. I always love big pieces. but it also makes me sad, because it makes me realize that I can never have everything I want (tattoowise) and get it to match together.
    … now that sounds a little bit depressed. I am not!
    end with a positive note! …
    (and somehow makes me desire for tequila)

  4. Woohoo!!! Skulls and skeletons!!! Love it!!! It’s the kind of design that makes me smile all day long!!

  5. Definately kick ass…. I love the sugar skulls, and that they have purpose in the tattoo instead of just generic placement.

    And the real estate aint bad either.

  6. id use her but cheek for a pillow, and look at that tattoo in the shadows of Venetian blinds for days

  7. My god. This is my favorite thing I’ve seen posted in a WHILE. Any day of the dead tattoos make me giddy like a school girl, but on a body like that? Makes it 50 times better.

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