Full Coverage: Links From All Over (Sept. 11, 2008)

[Military.com] If the History Channel has taught me anything (aside from providing a God’s-eye view of everything that ever happened to Hitler), it’s that the military has a proud tradition of commemorative tattoos, with each branch rather attached to its own unique iconography. In March 2007, however, the Marine Corps cracked down on and banned full-sleeve tattoos for Marine recruiters or security guards, though those with work completed before a certain date were grandfathered in. Now, a new administrative decision has extended the ban even to those who were granted an allowance:

[The decision defines] sleeve tattoos as a large tattoo or collection of smaller tattoos that covers or almost covers a person’s arm or leg. This also includes half and quarter sleeves if they are visible in green-on-green, physical training gear. […]

“Sleeve tattoos degrade our professional Marine image,” said Staff Sgt. Aaron McMullen, canvassing recruiter, Recruiting Substation Clarksville, Ind., Recruiting Station Louisville, Ky. “We keep our uniforms pressed, our brass shiny and our shoes polished. Sleeve tattoos don’t fit with that image.”

Marines with tattoo sleeves who are already on recruiting will be allowed to finish their tours however, recruiters wishing to submit a career-recruiter package “may not be favorably viewed” but will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The decision will ultimately rest with the deputy commandant for manpower and reserve affairs.

Photo credit: ESPN.com

It’s an unfortunate decision; one would hope their contributions would be highly valued enough that a tattoo sleeve wouldn’t have to inhibit Marines’ official interaction with the public. On the other hand, decorum seems vital to the USMC, and if they won’t truck with a moo-stache, maybe this shouldn’t be a complete surprise.

[ESPN.com] ESPN the Magazine recently put out a call for readers to send in photos of their College football-related tattoos, and at least 18 did! Nothing particularly striking, though I have to say, sports tattoos is one area in which BME is definitely lacking. I’m putting you on notice, sports fans! Start sending in photos of your tattoos. We know you’re out there.

[ThePittsburghChannel.com] Lindsay Lohan totes got tattoos to match Samantha Ronson’s! In more exciting news, the driver on the bus I take had his hair parted to the opposite side than usual this morning.

[Technoccult.com] OK, this is just plain awesome. I don’t know the context (or if the title, “Religious Body Piercing in India,” is in any way accurate), but this is the video to which they link — never mind the safety pins:

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  1. Its pretty sad that the Marines are banning tattoos. The military brings us some great work.

    It’s also pretty sad that it is the end of the first week of this new blog, and it has so few comments. Then again, most of the comments on modblog are people bickering, so maybe it is better this way.

    Have you guys made any banners or anything that I can put up on sites to get people interested in this place? I’d be pretty upset if it died.

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