Lower Inner Eye Tongue Splitting

Tesa (the guy with the mask over his mouth rather than his eyes) was kind enough to send in these photos of a tongue split he did on a client recently..

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44 thoughts on “Lower Inner Eye Tongue Splitting

  1. Patrick – Maybe for a first split, but in general once the practitioner has checked the “make-up” of the clients tongue and everyone’s happy (but most importantly happy in their knowledge) it can take an hour or two from that point to the actual procedure, believe me, they don’t take any risks! Everyone’s different and I have it on good authority that he’s doing just fine.

  2. I guessing they used some lidocaine with epinephrine, the epinephrine restricts small blood vessels and dramatically reduces blood loss.

  3. Some people bleed less then others. I’ve read a few experiences where it was only a couple of drops of blood.

    For some reason that first picture disturbs me.

  4. i’m jealous of how far he can split his back, even after cutting my webbing back mines going to be nowhere near that. mine hardly bled as well though

  5. #12 – with difficulty

    For some reason the only thing that creeps me out is the mask over his eyes; if someone’s getting a scalpel anywhere near my tongue I’m sure as hell gonna watch them do it!

  6. Can anyone tell me if having your tongue split gives you a lisp? I imagine that tooth filing does, also, do you think that people can immediatly notice it or is it something you have to stick out to show?

  7. Ive been following ModBlog for a while….and same as No 16, thought I’d seen it all…But this is dark…maybe I’ve had too much vodka…:S

  8. holy shit, that’s one fucking deep split. fairly disturbing to look at, but i’m keen to see some pics once it’s healed

  9. I’d like to see some better pics of it.
    I don’t have much of a lisp, if any, from my tongue split.
    And people don’t notice. Sometimes, if I stick my tongue out, I have to point it out..

  10. It’s like… where does the split end???

    If I were brave enough to let a scalpel that close to my face I’d do the same. Oh the envy…

  11. Thanks for the nice comments! tongue split healed very well, mine has been placed so far for two reasons:Longest language and merging with healing.

    soon overlaid photographs of healing

  12. Is anybody else totally reminded of the hint stones from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
    It’s all I can think about now~

  13. Very few things on modblog have freaked me out, but bloody tongues always get me.
    But I’m freaked out in a good way. These pictures are pretty fucking cool.

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