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This video is from January, but it’s new to us! NBA players with tattoos are nothing new, but Rashad McCants is a bit different. For one, he’s an unabashed poet who publishes his pieces on his Web site, but beyond that, he takes his tattoos — and indeed, tattoos in general — very seriously. He writes about his at length:

My greatest analogy for tattoos is that life is pain. The new challenges you encounter in life present a type of pain that could make a person give up. The moment you feel the discomfort, you divert to what’s comfortable and less painful. But a tattoo makes it all mental. Separating the mind from body and focusing on the outcome of the challenge. The pain never lasts forever — it’s just temporary. In life, going through bad times also means good times are soon to follow. The moment you decide not to fight the bad times, everything turns around for you. And the outcome is more satisfying then ever.

That’s the same with a tattoo. It hurts like hell the moment that needle touches your skin. And it continues to hurt until its done. And even a couple days after. But, just as with life’s trials and tribulations, the pain subsides and the outcome is everlasting. There is nothing like a fresh tattoo. The look of it. The feel of it. Knowing that it hurt so bad, and you wanted to quit.

In the video, McCants is followed around during a photo shoot for Inked Magazine, and offers even more about what tattooing means to him:

Rashad McCants Shows Off His Tattoos [YouTube]
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