An Eye For An Eye..

Would leave me totally skull-fucked!

Gandhi (sort of).

Click here for another of Agnostic‘s tattoos – His “anal prayer beads”.

Both tattoos by Rick at Mata Mata Studios in Hamilton, Ontario.

21 thoughts on “An Eye For An Eye..

  1. my friend told me this story last night:
    “when I was little there was this stripper that lived in my town and Ithink her name was Bridgette, but everyone called her one eye because she had one real eye and one glass one”
    my reply was:
    “so, for like $40 could I skull fuck her?”


  2. Would now be an appropriate time to mention that Gandhi viewed South African blacks – or “kaffirs” as he referred to them – with contempt?

  3. im a atheist but i still believe that Gandhi was an amazing man but this tattoo is FUCKING STUPID
    you Fail at everything now BME

  4. ha ha the click through with the shocker hands in prayer position is amazing. i’m a huge fan of ghandi. i even have the ghandi loves me tshirt. the statement here is funny, the tattoo could have been a lot better. probably not the best idea to make fun of a person and represent it in a tattoo. kinda like getting your ex’s face tattooed and writing “sucks” underneath. ha ha witch i’m sure has been done.

  5. much love for agnostic

    hahahahaha i fuckin love this tattoo… all his shit is great actually.

  6. Not wishing to be arbitrarily negative and knowing that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all, but it really needs to be said…

    This is shit.

  7. Eh, I kind of like his sense of humor anyway; even if I don’t particularly favor this one.
    Though the anal prayer beads are wonderfully done.

  8. my bad. the shocker hands were done by rick at mata mata but the ghandi tattoo was done by Ollie from montreal while guest spotting at mata mata in hamilton.

    fuck ghandi and mother teresa.

  9. would have been 10fold better without the wording.. and if you dont have worrds, you have a conversational piece everytime someone asks about it…

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