94 thoughts on “Outward Bound [Guess What]

  1. Is that a man or a woman??

    Anywho I feel sorry for that person – it looks like it is pretty painfull.

  2. Well damn. You did get me. I thought it was elbows with implants or something weird like that. I concede!

  3. DuckieVamp, I find your thought process very amusing 🙂 It is much like mine.

    Right off the bat, I thought BOOBIES! YAAAY! BOOBIES! then . . . eeeeeeeewwwwwwww . . . why? OOWWWW! Then I grabbed my boobies in pain, cuz that looks way painful.

  4. augh, I can’t believe I got it right… I must get out more and stop spending so much time on this site!! lol

  5. #6; that was totally my process, too! I was like, “No WAY those are nipples, they look too much like nipples!”
    My guess was “genital beads in a bifurcated penis”, btw.

  6. oooo my ta tas hurt just lookin at that…whew! but yeah it was a pretty easy guess it was boobs…boobs doing what tho was a challenge

  7. I don’t see how anyone gets any pleasure out of that.

    Can’t that fuck up your boobs or something? Ughh…looks horribleeee 🙁

  8. I got the nipple part right…
    Didn’t think that they were going to be doing that though.
    Looks like they wanted to run away.
    Was she actually supporting all her weight on those things?

  9. I just hold my own close and thank the powers that be that mine are so perky after looking at that.

  10. I’m curious- it the aim to kill the tissue so it can be/is removed or is this a temporary play/ritual thing where the string gets untied after a bit?

  11. ouchh
    haha i guessed that is was nipples, but after i clicked the picture i still wasnt sure what it was ahaha

    I didn’t want to look, I didn’t want to look….

    *rocks back and forth in fetal position*

  13. Oh dear.

    That’s bad.

    I’ll never get these kinds of things. Why would you wanna do that to your boobs?

  14. I thought it was nipples, but when I clicked it I was pretty confused because I thought it was some sort of limbs that had been amputated.

  15. I’m more wondering if that’s a BDSM context. It looks like Japanese rope bondage ties – though I’ve usally seen the ropes extended down the torso.

    I’ve played with a looser version of that photo, and for me, it seemed like it added stimulation with the blood trapped toward the ends of the breasts. I do wonder if really tight and left on a long time might indeed do damage; I don’t know.

  16. The only challenging thing about this one, was that it wasn’t a challenge. Just like a few people said, “Hmm, looks like tits..therefore…MUST BE TESTICLES.”

    Cause on modblog, it’s always cock.

  17. ahhhhhhhh must search for boobs now argh get that sight out my head sorry but i love boobs
    and they shudent be torched like that ahhhh

    but enjoi ur self

  18. you’ll never guess this one?

    it’s the easiest one I’ve ever seen! what could they possibly be other than nipples?

  19. Ah, modblog forum comments as a reality check. I love seeing the horrified reactions to tit torture here, if only because it exposes the reality bubble of BME. On BME/HARD these pics are tame and easily glossed over by a regular ‘reader’ but expose them to the masses and see what happens.

    Remember kids, BME ain’t the real world, it isn’t even vaguely reflective of the real world. It is a very small and sheltered place.

  20. Just because most of us aren’t into tit torture doesn’t mean we should be referred to as ‘kids’. We aren’t on bme/hard so why should you insult us for not being knowledgeable about it?

  21. Oh man. I was totally wrong. It looked like testicles with magnet implants or something ridiculous like that.

  22. I’m all gung-ho for some pain, but that was too much. I understand how demure it may be for BMEHARD, but that is why I don’t have an account for that.

  23. Luna, try not being so sensitive and quick to assume the worst – the use of ‘kids’ was not at all, in any way, meant to derogatory. Its part of a turn of phrase lifted in a tongue in a cheek manner from the realm of instructional videos eg ‘Remember kids, only you can prevent the red menace from conquering the world’

    I’m not into tit torture myself actually and I didn’t insult anyone for not being knowledgeable about it. I pointed out that the reactions in this more general setting serve as a counterpoint to those who spend so much time in sheltered forums that they begin to think of extreme behaviour as rather mundane.

  24. I’d like to see what they look like with the rope removed – i.e. if they remained stretched out like that.

  25. I thought it was when they turned purple that you should untie them so you don’t get tissue damage??

  26. Heh. Got this one first try.
    Its bizarre how people on here can see sliced up bloody modded penises and extremely altered testes and say ‘ meh..whatevah.’, but when faced with a shot of tit torture/breast bondage its ‘EEEK! OMFG!’
    Never ceases to amaze me, what freaks people out.
    Tits really do get that dark purpley blue when tied up. Much like testicles. Neat, huh?

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