Impervious to Chaos

As the last post was pretty intense I thought this nice calming family scene on the arm back of Brandon would be nice.. It’s based on the artwork of Robert Williams and the original can be seen here.

By Half Pint, Marvel Tattoo, South Bend, IN.

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15 thoughts on “Impervious to Chaos

  1. very cool. pretty sure that’s a back, but not an arm. that’d be one helluva arm :)

    this is a way cooler depiction of anti-religion than some guy who came into my work today and he just had a cross with a big red X through it.

  2. Candice: maybe it’s the small screen I’m viewing it on, but a family praying together and keeping out chaos = anti-religious? Not seeing it…

  3. i immediately thought it was anti religious a sort of putting your head in the sand/blind faith type thing but guess it amay not be…….anyhow i really like the style of it

  4. WRONG…it says in a WORLD of these things that are in the borders,,you can separate yourself,and you can seek peace and be centered in your daily DEAL with all these worldly challenges

  5. actually, when people say they ‘take’ things a certain way, it can’t be either right or wrong. their opinions are based on their life experiences, and unless you have lived that person’s life, you can’t make possibly understand the filter they see the world through.

  6. @Candice-
    The tattoo you’re describing sounds like the band logo for Bad Religion. Which is just as lame.

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