Minyak Gosok

Here’s a curious (but much better for your health than a pack of Marlboro) tattoo that Phil showed me the other day – Neither of us were sure what it was but a little Googling revealed the truth, excuse the shop link but it’s the best version of the original logo I could find, here’s a blog post by Jenny we found that explains it further..

I’d love to know why he chose this product as much as you would. I’m thinking his family produce it or it somehow saved him from contracting Malaria (not that he’d know it saved him I supposed, as it’s a mosquito repellent not a Malaria vaccine), but anyway..

It’s by Durga, a mobile tattoo artist who works in Indonesia, primarily Jakarta, Bali and Yogyakarta (the special region).

9 thoughts on “Minyak Gosok

  1. i think i seen this in my house, my mom is a very traditional chinese woman that believes in asian medicine.
    uses of this include: headaches, muscle pains/soreness, stomach aches, mosquito/bug bites, rashes and various other things
    it has a very strong herbal mediciny smell

  2. LOL that’s funny.

    It’s not a mosquito repellent, it’s a mosquito bite reliever. If it’s anything like the “minyak gosok”s (rubbing oils) I’m familiar with in Malaysia, it’s got camphor in it, which anaesthetizes the itch from bug bites. Also great for rubbing sore muscles, a la Ben-Gay or Icy Hot.

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