A year and a half after Justin proposed to Ashleigh during their double suicide suspension, the happy couple are married. Congratulations guys!

Wedding photography by Tine Hofmann and the ceremony took place at Yew Dell Gardens, Crestwood, Kentucky.

50 thoughts on “THEY SAID I DO!

  1. Cuntcumber, and scott:
    the last photos is a real place, it’s the HOLLY ALEE @ YEW DELL GARDENS in Crestwood, Kentucky. ( But the 3 very colorful panels you see are rose petals sewn together and hung in between the trees. Our florist did a wonderful job.

    Max Brand, her parents paid for almost everything and they couldnt be happier for us. i finally have that sence of FAMILY that i have always been searching for, in them.

    everyone else, thank you so much. more pictures and whatnot @

  2. the wedding picture is fucking georgius! would have been an awsome backpiece with the right tattooartist:P

  3. Shes adorable and he has the classiest ‘hawk ever! The way they’re looking at each other…beautiful.

  4. Max: You realize you’re talking to the married guy himself? I think he knows if her parents are pissed, and if he says they’re happy for them (which i would be, anyway) I think that means they’re NOT pissed.
    Prettypretty :)
    Congratulations, and may you stay together ^^

  5. well Saz, you should see MY puppies !!!!!! i’ll put some up on my myspace account if you want to see….. i have a black and white Great Dane, and a Chessy. i would agree that they are more cute, than me.

  6. I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for stuff like this. Makes me feel good seeing couples so happy :) Grats to the happy pair and I wish them the best of luck in their new lives together :D

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