Fancy Fists

I’m 99% sure these two hand tattoos haven’t been posted before – The portrait on the left is based upon the work of Gil Elvgren and is by Joe Capobianco (Hope Gallery, CT). On the right is an “armour effect” tattoo by Tony Powers, Northern Minnesota.

Click through for larger views.

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15 thoughts on “Fancy Fists

  1. WOW. Those are just stunning. The colors on the portrait are just gorgeous and the detail on the armor is crazy. Love love LOVE hand tattoos! Wish I worked in an industry where I could get one too. ^_^

  2. The one on the right has less of an “armour effect” and more of a “wicker basket effect” to me, but is still very well done.

  3. I took the armor one as chain mail. it’s fucking awesome, I hope both hands have it. Would like nice with a tux

  4. i knew it was capobianco’s as soon as i saw it. his work is SICK and i would kill to have one of his ladies on me.

    mad girl boner for that man’s style.

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