BREAKING NEWS: Body Piercings Are Anti-Israel

This will kill you immediately.

This is obviously a delicate subject, so it’s with some apprehension that I even broach the topic, but the evidence is overwhelming and it must be addressed: Body piercings — the piercings themselves — are actively attacking Israeli citizens. Crazy, right? “But how could a piece of perforated skin with a piece of jewelry in it harbor any sort of political or nationalistic bent?” you might ask, but the facts are irrefutable. Exhibit A: an Israeli soldier died this week from complications following an infected tongue piercing:

A 19-year-old combat soldier who died at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center on Monday as a result of complications of a tongue piercing he had done in July was a rare case [Ed. Note: Or so they would have us believe], but oral piercings commonly cause infections, according to experts in the Israel Defense Forces and Tel Aviv University’s School of Dental Medicine. [...]

The victim of tongue piercing felt severe pain around his lips a week after undergoing the procedure. He went to the Emek Medical Center near his home in Afula and Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa and was transferred to Rambam as his condition worsened.

He developed a dozen infections in his brain that had begun in his mouth. First he was in the neurology department, but then the soldier was transferred to intensive care.

And as if this transparent plot weren’t transparent enough, there’s this unconscionable attack on the children (THE CHILDREN):

A 14-year-old boy who underwent a piercing in his nipple is hospitalized in Safed and facing surgery to repair damage from a serious infection, Ziv Hospital said on Thursday. [...]

It was not clear whether the high school pupil from the Galilee had received his parents’ permission in writing to undergo the piercing, which is required by law for anyone under the age of 16.

Dr. Yuri Weiner, deputy head of pediatric intensive care at Ziv Hospital, said the boy previously had other parts of his body pierced with the insertion of a ring, but doing so in his nipple caused a serious infection in the lining of his chest and that he would need intensive antibiotic treatment and surgery, which is disfiguring.

The moral of the story? Piercings are terrorist organizations that must be eradicated at all costs before they kill again. I am suspending posting on BME so that we can focus our attention on this urgent matter. Posts will resume immediately.

Soldier’s tongue piercing causes fatal infection, Nipple piercing in 14-year-old boy leads to infection and surgery [Jerusalem Post]

10 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Body Piercings Are Anti-Israel

  1. I’m more interested in how they knew he had “developed a dozen infections in his brain”. Did they count them?

    Not that I’m making light of anyone dying but I can’t help but picture the doctors scanning this guys brain and suddenly shrieking as they spot a dozen “infections” staring back at them whilst sticking out their pierced tongues/blowing raspberries.


  2. This sounds like complete propaganda to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are complete fiction.

    If it’s true, the 14 year old probably pierced himself with a rusty nail.

  3. it’s true… i’m from israel and it’s sad to say – but here a 12 year old can get pierced if he liked…
    so sad….
    but the saddest thing is the media “piercing killes!!”
    “another boy in hospital because of piercing”
    they won’t say how or where he did it, why the infection spred this far, how to trit a new piercing and hoe did the pierce in the first place (the kid, a friend, a studio…)

  4. sadly, it’ s true, and now everyone is attacking us (ie the pierced and tattooed ones) and it drives us nuts.

  5. this is ridiculous. it’s probably some propaganda shit. well i wouldnt be surprised if it really is, to be honest.

    remember the walkway incident when women walked the runway without their traditional headscarf and it caused a stir in the entire country?

    time to move on and accept the changes, suckas.

  6. Alica
    a walkway incident? when do women here need to cover their head?
    gee… i guess i need to go to jail. since i live here for 16 years and i never wore a headscarf in my life.

    it’s not Iran.
    and anyway. this story is true, and yes.
    Israel is in the top list of teens with piercings.
    here you can find a 12 years old girls with a navel piercings.

  7. dear Jordan, if you are trying to be funny, please stop. it’s not working.

    some people could die due to complications resulting from a badly done piercing or lack of treatment, or something else, who knows. it happens… and it’s not funny.

  8. The soldier didnt die from the infecetion lol.. he died from something else .. i’m from israel and i know the story good. its bullshit.

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