Bum and Dad

These are portraits of my mother and father. We have a really weird relationship so my butt was the perfect spot. I know it seems weird, but my mom almost cried, and my dad (the king of no emotion) sent me a text message simply saying “You rock!”

Pretty much the best decision I ever made!

By Ryan Szadyr, Chaos Ephex, Lapeer, MI.

29 thoughts on “Bum and Dad

  1. Wow…on one hand I think that’s kickass, and on the other hand I know my parents would be weirded out to know that they were on my ass…
    Pretty sweet though!!!

  2. “You rock!” Hahahahah! This one really cracked me up, awesome tattoo! Thou’ I don’t think I would be taking the same kind on my butt!

  3. That is perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do in my life.

    no wait, the doctor who accidentally removed a man’s penis recently is dumber. But not much.

  4. awwwwwwwwhe!
    this is cheeky(get it) but sooo cute!
    they must have a really sweet relationship!

    truly brought a smile to my face :)

  5. how darling is that? Those are great tattoos, with no reference picture no way to tell how accurate they are, but they look wonderful! Cute story to go along with it to!

  6. Not only do I love this a ton, but I can also SO appreciate what he means because if I were to get tattoos of my ‘rents, I’d do it on my bum as well! We definitely share a crazy enough relationship for that to be perfect :)

  7. That’s not dumb at all, I don’t understand people!
    It would be dumb if his parents were the kind who would be insulted by it (and I’ll admit most would), but since they have the kind of relationship where it makes sense, I think it’s wonderful!

  8. I think people would be surprised at the reaction these type of things can get – i know when i got my dick tattooed, as a joke I sent pictures to my parents, and my mom texted me back saying “wow….haven’t see that in a while”

    i like these portraits a lot, made me grin

  9. I wish I had that kind of relationship w/ my folks…it’s endearing, sweet and hilarious.
    and cheeky. very, very, full o’ cheek.

  10. OMG… That is pretty much the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

    Though the “Dont Know” tattoo almost wont it… Until I saw this beauty!

    I’ve always been torn on what I wanna do for my “Mom and Dad” tattoo and where to put it…

    My dad is a biker, and my mom is a sweet little lady who likes cardinals and squirrels…(SP on both of those)

    Maybe a Squirrel(sp) riding a motor cycle?


  11. I think it make perfect sense. When you think about it your family is like butt cheeks, sometimes there will be shit that separates you but you will always come back together :)

  12. lol immy!

    Lovely how their relationship is such that butt portraits are actually sometime sweet. I was gonna get one of those old school flash hearts with “I love mom & dad” on one cheeck, but yeah, that’s still in the debating process.

  13. hahaha! these are beautifully done, and amusing, and make me me so happy. the story is great, too.

    and 17- hahahahaha! that’s a wonderful story as well.

    i have no idea how my parents would react if i did this. i think my mom would love it, and dad would be speechless.

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