Field of Dreams.

You’ll see a photo from this set (courtesy of El Vernomore on ModBlog) appearing on the cover of your favourite website soon, but until then here are some more from The Holy Mackerel/Visual Addiction crew..

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13 thoughts on “Field of Dreams.

  1. That looks like a fun setup… if you rigged the rope far enough away, the potential for swinging around could be AMAZING… all of my suspensions have been indoors or from relatively low tree branches…. it’d be fun to hang from something that gave you a wide open field with no danger of crashing into anything so you could swing around in a very huge arc…

  2. The corn was over ten feet tall…
    At one point a storm was coming in (we could see it way off in the background) and I always wanted to suspend in the rain, but because electricity and cranes don’t mix well, I thought we wouldn’t be able to do these in the first place. In the end the storm went the other way and the suspensions were saved! Just a little insight to that day! I just want to say that without a ton of help from the rest of my crew this could never happen….so thanx:)

  3. This was one of the most intense suspensions I’ve ever done and have had a great time both years at the barn. I’ve had my best experences with Verno and the Holy Mackerel Suspension Team.

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