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Earlier today I got an email from Ary over at VIMBY. They’d just done an interview with Shawn Barber, who I happen to think is the bees knees and so I wanted to share the first video with you. Shawn’s new book Forever and Ever is available from several places online, including the publisher that I linked to, and it is definitely worth picking up.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ary sent over a couple of videos about CanvasLA, with a segment about the gallery itself and another video featuring the opening of Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman‘s Scratch Art show. It was an amazing collection of work from some of the best tattooers in the industry.

I posted the extra studio/city videos because I felt like these videos are much better than the various “Ink(ed)” shows on cable. They don’t give you the same manufactured lines that you hear over and over again which come off more like the producers feeding the stories to the people getting tattooed. Want to see more videos like these? Let me know in the comments section..

10 thoughts on “Vimby Videos!

  1. I was in Austin a couple weeks ago for a business meeting. One of the guys had 1″ lobes and full sleeves. I went out to a “fancy” restaurant and at the bar were several women with full back pieces peaking out from their dresses. You could not look anywhere without seeing someone heavily tattooed. I’m not talking about tramp stamps and armbands, I’m talking about full sleeves, back pieces. Austin is a great city!

  2. Rachel, thats the reason i love austin so much. its really hard to be there and not be exposed to body modification. there are so many good shops there.

    i really want to move there.

  3. Three cheers for Rachel! I love all the new stuff like this!

    It is so good to see a Womyn’s touch here. She should have kicked that abusive man to the curb years ago, but better late than never! Keep the videos coming.

  4. Oh man I love Shawn Barber. That guy has had the most influence when it comes to my own painting, he has mad skills. Nice to see more stuff of him, and on modblog no less.

  5. I did an interview with Shawn when we were in Germany a couple of months ago. I’ve just got to finish writing it up. Shawn is an amazing artist and a very down to earth person.

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