Feel free to say no to this but, erm..

Would you shave my coin purse?

As always with the Guess What series (even though I’ve given it away already) – Adults only!
Would you click through?

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69 thoughts on “Feel free to say no to this but, erm..

  1. hahaha, awesome. is that an actual BMEzine ruler, or is that an extra water mark?

    “how strange. what is this made of?”
    “oh, ballsack.”

  2. Pidge: I second that. It almost looks like they might still be there, just pushed up into his body. Most likely aren’t though. Has he given any thought towards having it made into a real coin purse?

  3. #3 Roo – Yeah, one of my coworkers also has a kangaroo balls coin purse, and loves to show it off, “guess what this is hahahahaha!” expecting people to be repelled. But, I think it’s sort of neat, so…

    …I’d love it if I could borrow this for 15 mins to show that guy, hey, guess what this is? :D

  4. this is the first thing to make me gasp and cringe on here in SO long. in other words, well done!

    this is totally bizarre but also very very cool. how did it curl up like that to make the little bowl shape after it had dried flat? i love how you can see where the hairs were. so gross. awesome.

  5. I’m assuming he stretched the skin over a round object while the skin dried out to make it stay in that shape.

    Thats so gnarly. I wonder where he puts it? On the table?

  6. Really gross and intriguing all at the same time.
    Kinda like a train wreck… I just can’t look away.

  7. My first guess these days with any of the “GUESS WHAT” images is that they involve a demolished scrotum in one way or another.

  8. Lol I guessed correctly.

    Personally I find it absolutely bizarre x__x . Eh but each to their own.

  9. HA this is hilarious because my best friend’s favourite threat is “I’m going to rip out your scrotum use it as a change purse.” Sometimes there’s also mention of staples but you get the gyst…

  10. LMOA @ #25!
    I say that to my 10 yr old daughter ALL the time! I should save this pic and show it to her when she’s older…”remeber I always told you…….” HA! Ha!

  11. After this clear act of self-mutilation, only remains for me to think that this person was suffering from sexual perversions reaching the testicles removed.

    Likewise if only for pure pleasure, the end result is completely anti-aesthetic. Sorry.

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  13. Reminds me of the joke where the Mohel, who has saved all of the “leftovers” from the circumcisions he performed, retires after fifty years of service. At his retirement party he is presented with a wallet made from all of the discarded foreskins. He remarks, ” Fifty years and all I get is a wallet?” One of the other Rabbi’s replies, ” Yes. But if you rub it, you’ll get a briefcase!”

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