Bridging the Gap

I posted a photo of Ralf‘s chest piece back in August (third photo from the left photo on the right), he’s just had another session with Marc so here’s an update!

Click through for a larger view.

23 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap

  1. very…. unconventional? i don’t know, it’s more of a “something you don’t see everyday, but would like to see it a lot more” type of tattoo. i like it.

  2. I’m digging the head/throat/chest tattoo..very nice..

    I also love that he is wearing two different types of jewelry in his lobes..interesting

  3. I like the overlapping work done on the right side of his torso.
    I wonder if he plans to fill in or leave it.

  4. His black work is amazing, but I just couldn’t stop looking at how uneven his stretched lobes are – some parts are so thin!

  5. Hand poked??

    I love the tattoos, especially the big area of black and the cover up bits.


  6. IAM: A SMOKER, only lucky strikes (no harder drugs) so said “IAM: RALF” In several studies alcoholics and drug addicts have reported that they found it harder to quit cigarettes than alcohol or crack

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