Barbie Boy!

I love the contrast between this Black Angel tattoo (based on a song from The Cult’s album, Love) and the Barbie logo (remember?) on his belly..

Black Angel by Karin, Inkstitution, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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19 thoughts on “Barbie Boy!

  1. I mean, it’s also free advertising and a way to expand their product audience… “Hey, you can be a tattooed guy and still like Barbie!” Those clever marketing strategists… I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. why didnt he put G.I.JOE, maybe he prefered playing with dolls rather than action figures or maybe lost a bet or maybe its used as some ones really name who he knew, it’s always good wondering exactly what someones tattoo means…its a hidden meaning

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  4. There is a shop in Calgary Ab, called “The Barbie Shop” and it is full of corsets and stuff like that and Barbie the toy company sued them because they used there name.
    But it turned out that the lady who own’s the shop her name is Barbie and thats the only reason she won the law suite ….. Would be interesting to see what would happen if they saw this… or if anything at all …

  5. I wonder how much he won in the bet when someone said he would never have ‘Barbie’ tattooed lol

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