Holding things together.

I really enjoy tattoos with a positive message, and this piece on Anna (more) is no exception!

Click through for another shot.

By Brandon, The Missing Piece Tattoo, Spokane, Washington.

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28 thoughts on “Holding things together.

  1. i wish there was a better pic so i could see the other ways to hold things together :)

  2. its cute and i like the idea, but i think it looks a little odd. Made me smile though =]

  3. I first thought this was on her thigh (for some unknown reason) and thought “That’s interesting, but it does look really disjointed” …now seeing that it is clearly on her arm, I continue with the same thought and add “really awkward placment as well..”
    Nonetheless, a nice message is conveyed. I like the idea as well, just not the execution.

  4. have you considered that this placement is for her personal benefit and not the benefit of someone else looking at this piece? It seems like its placed to not be shown off, in which case the placement makes a lot of sense. Whether that is the case or not, I love this piece! Seems like everyone needs some motivating these days….

  5. I really like the message… but am I the only one that thinks it should say ‘look at’ and not just ‘look’… you know for the grammar.

  6. It’s a cute saying but is it going to be colored in? I think it would look a little better that way, but now it just seems like too much text and the spacing’s off.

  7. they forgot the picture of the pneumatic nail gun. maybe a better tattoo is “when everything is falling apart, plug the fuck out of that shit with a high-powered pneumatic nail gun.” and also not sideways.

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