Wet In Front of the Ears

Wow, we’ve had a lot of facial tattoo posts recently! IAM: bluetat (rather inexplicably I thought) included the following with this photo of his ongoing (1, 2) aquatic themed tattoo..

They all fuck dogs in the park!

Care to elaborate bluetat?

Click through for a closer look.

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39 thoughts on “Wet In Front of the Ears

  1. The entire theme is being executed beautifully; but there is something about that ear that I find strangely remarkable. Also, I think he looks ages younger since he shaved the ‘stache. Good looks, darling.

  2. I love the way the tattoo continues from his neck all the way up, and the design that comes out from his lips. Facial tattoos always seem so hard to incorporate the way the face is set up but this one is done so well

  3. I do have to say, something about that ear just entrances me. It looks like its underwater, plus the size of his lobe and the healthy state it appears to be in really adds to it.

  4. uhhh. fucking wow. yeah, the dark blue shading in the ears, and around the chin and the rest of the tribal/celtic designs really adds the the murkiness/underwater feel. badass

  5. Ears (even untattooed ones) are probably my favourite body part. Every one is different, even the two that we all have. I think it’s all the curves that just make them so inviting.

    The work on this guy is incredible. I’m sure he gets lots of compliments.

  6. lol i like that from the corner of his mouth, there is some water coming out that i can, and would (given the chance), interpret as drool :)

  7. I really love this particular piece, and the way it incorporates with the rest of the theme.

    I almost hope that he leaves the remaining part of his face untouched, as if he’s being swallowed by the ocean.

  8. I love this guy! I get so stoked when he’s featured. I love love love how vibrant the blues are. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the years, i hope it doesn’t lose it’s lustre any time soon.

  9. hes got some neat tentacles coming out of his lip

    oh how i love love love face tattoos!

  10. oh and when people get like full face tattoos, do they ever continue too tattoo up their head if they bald? tada! more canvas :)

  11. the color is amazing. but i’m very curious what it would feel like to get your conch tattooed.

  12. It very much looks like the image levels have been played with to intensify the colour.

  13. All these facial tattoos are making me wonder what the hell they’re all doing for jobs to afford all of these (not to mention other normal expenses)!

    (This is not meant to be negative)

  14. wow, I really like this, especially how the ear is tattooed. It flows so well with the rest of the piece (get it, flows, like water aren’t I clever?)

  15. hand to the gods, I am sober!!!
    but it’s like he kissed a mermaid. it turned out something beautiful.

  16. That is gorgeous! If I saw him on the street I’d shove a bottle of sunblock at him and say “put this on, don’t ever let that fade!”

  17. omg, this can’t be real. it’s so beautiful and glowing that it looks like a painting or photoshoped.

  18. I”m loving the colour. I dunno if it’s just me but it seems that most facial tat’s I see are mostly black and don’t have much colour in them.

    If anyone else has noticed that why do you think that is? Personal preferance? Or does it have a deeper meaning? Or no meaning at all?

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