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  1. Τα πάντα ρει is a quote by Heraclitos Greek, Greek philosopher of tha ancient times. the actual translation is “everything flows” . it represents tha belief that everything in life is open, everything can happen.

    awesome job by the way

  2. the name is Heraclitos, i wrote Greek twice, due to speed. sorry about that

  3. and if anyone wants to know the phrase’s pronounciation: TA PANTA RI

    since the skin removal phrase is missing the article (TA) it reads: PANTA RI

    EI in greek is pronounced I

  4. Also known as Heraclitus and the quote is sometimes translated as “Everything is in flux”, as in everything changes and nothing is ever the same. I wish I could sit through something like that, it’s a beautiful quote to have on your flesh forever.

  5. nice one
    also i like the permanent reminder that nothing is permanent :-)
    and i spy a subderm

  6. It’s actually officially Herakleitos, it indeed means Everything Flows, you’d write that text Panta Rei.
    It’s a phrase that symbolises his filosofy. He means that there is no “is” but only “become”. There is nothing that is ever the same, everything is constantly changing. It does NOT mean what #5 says. It is in its complete form Panta Rei, Ouden Menei, meaning “Everything Flows, Nothing Waits.”

    Pretty good for a 17 year old kid ^^

  7. Pretty contradictive actually to have that on your skin for the rest of your life now i think about it.

  8. it just looks like it hurts
    allot like if pain could say it hurts then this would be the moment to say aaaahhh it hurts

    check my website for more truth about pain

  9. doesn’t it lacks the accent on rei, and the spirit on rho?
    besides, in some countries the spelling of ancient greek is different, the one you have given is basically correct, but is based on neo-greek (and bizanthine) pronounciation.

  10. I personally prefer the outlined version as opposed to the fully peeled version..i really like the message though. very nicely done.

  11. well, accents and spirits maybe are not correct…but the meaning is the same…now i have something written on the body…
    and it will heal perfectly…
    thanx breeeeeeeeee

  12. Wow – my father’s boat is called Panta Rei (which is how one pronounces it, to my belief).

    If he was a bit more comfortable with the bodymod scene, I’d be sure to show him this! For now, I have to summon the courage to how him my own skin removal…

  13. Yeah it looks OK now, and the meaning is a nice twist, but these fresh extreme skin removal pictures are pretty meaningless… unless much much care is taken this will be impossible to cleanly heal and probably distort the script.

    Could we have pics instead of HEALED scarifications, or is the sad reality that so many skin removals fail that not enough such photos exist? And a month old scar is *not* healed, even when done by a bme quasi-celebrity…

  14. redeye: wow! with out entering stupid dramas (or is it still a good “must do” for some?) i have to admit that considering healed a piece like this is gonna take a certain amount of time, obviously not a month. I will post up to date pictures in the next future, And yes. for some might be meaningless to see skin removals like this, as you said, but for others is not, and well..guess what? PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT..surprised?! Getting back to the work itself, outlines are cutted, the removal is done with a hyfrecator unit, if you ever wondered.
    And please, avoid to over comment with sentences like “bme quasi celebrity”, you re just boring, word.

  15. I really like this piece (and the meaning behind it, IF it’s the correct translation) but I think it looks better with just the outline.

    I’m interested to see what it looks like healed!!


  16. number 30 is so right, say everything that i want to say, im sure it never show the healed photo and will look very badly, even fresh not look like good job, so please show some good job

  17. I saw this yesterday and it actually stopped scabbing a lot faster then most tissue removals of its size. I believe it will actually look good in 1 year when the scar tissue is fully matured… I love the comments about how it will look like shit. How many skin peels have they done ?? Hahaha

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