We should touch backs!

I’ll have some suspension footage from João posted in the next few weeks (thanks mate), until then here’s a “candid” shot of the chap I might have a small man-crush on..

More from João (and his friends) can be found here and above photo credit goes to Jussara Martins.

11 thoughts on “We should touch backs!

  1. rooraaah, (which I love to practice vocals with) , I think it’s a fantastic idea to mancrush this guy!!!
    absolute perfect mesh of shadowing, style, and form. not sounding snob, but I think he creates elements that caress each other, making a rather delectable melding of body art.

    no, I’m not on drugs.

    I just really, really, really, dig this pic!!!

  2. beautiful tattoos!
    …this shot makes him look a lot less friendly than in his other shots.

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