Pineapple Express

Pineapple (Myspace) kindly sent in these follow-up shots of the work he’s been doing on Mike’s face (1, 2)..

Shaman Body Piercing, Austin, Texas.

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31 thoughts on “Pineapple Express

  1. excellent work. spot on lads

    I can’t wait till Jon P sees the awesome results of this procedure. Thanx for posting Rooh

    can’t wait….

  2. I have nothing but respect for people who decide to do things like this.
    They looks so cool and in most cases, like beautiful works of art.
    Such a great way for people to express themselves.

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  4. Bradly, nothing here is wiggly. My boyfriend is the one who got the tissue removal and I watched to procedure. Pineapple did an excellent job. Considering this picture was taken by my probably 5 mins after he was finished, the “wiggle ass looking lines” are probably just the blood.
    If you are are thinking about getting anything like this, beware, there is a lot of bleeding for about three days. You have to wear tissues and bandannas to keep it and then the healing process is awhile. I love the way it turned out though, fucking great, sets off the other work done on his face!
    and if you live in texas, totally get it from pineapple, he’s the most clean, precise piercer / body modifier I’ve met yet.

  5. #15 i dint say it was bad just not right on point .the spacing is off and if he thinks it is 2 bad because he sets his levels
    real low…
    thats all””
    he looks real tough and dont want no beef ehhh braaahhh ????Sandy shore break here I come aaaeeeeehhhhhh….

  6. I agree, the lines aren’t great. I mean if you really look at, he seemed to be going in straight lines and then turning. It doesn’t strike me as being as precise as I’d want.

  7. Hahaha, that dude with the cutting looks fuckin’ silly but I respect Pine’s work and his whakapapa, nga mihi nui ki a koe, e hoa! Represent!

  8. Silly? You’re probably looking a little silly if you have the audacity to even say something like that. I bet you don’t even have half the commitment and courage to do something like that.
    and to the other complaining about the lines, remember, you’re going off a picture RIGHT after it was done, there is mass amounts of swelling and bleeding.
    believe me, i wake up and go to sleep to this man’s face everyday/night. They are straight, get over it.

  9. #21 ummm yeah the only person ive seen lookin funnier was that picture of Barnet Burns sellin cottin candyy at the circus he wroked for come one come all see the freak show that he made of himself and get a bag of cottin candy free tickets for relitives up to 6 generations down the line so that means jon P can go with his kids …at least i think so???

  10. Bradly, you’re ridiculous, immature, and obviously have no virtues. You’re that person who hides behind computer screens and talks shit to people to give yourself a sense of meaning. Have fun with that!

  11. dammm Nataly u really understand me…u left out words like lonely and troll and sum other good ones but it’s okay… Id still do u ….just have to wait to my mom falls asleep or leaves for work latter…or i can bike over to your place as soon as i fix my flat….

  12. Hey didnt know u were his grilie friend so lets just drop the plans…he looks tuff and i dont need the haasles but thx anyways much respect…XOXOXOXO

  13. call it whatevr u will the work done in both tattoo and cutting isnt a 10 and if that work is as good as it can get and u and him both agree then most likley u will stay together forever andever….i dont understand why people hate on me here for just bein honest….but i guess ur right those cuttin lines do look str8 next to those undimmsionally incoeerect tatto work in between them…my guess pinapple did those 2?other than that wish u the very best…

  14. ‘hate on me for just bein honest’

    more like just being unnecessarily critical in a juvenile way every single time. cue the next insult.

  15. Jon P adress the fact that u shrug off Barnet Burns andthe fact that he sold hiself out for sum cotton candy but ….u think u can put down aany body else
    besides this is the real juvinille
    So she told me bradly u dont got to go to no strip club ill dance 4u… so i told her shut up and do the dishes….thats her job ……and they have there’s,,,,,

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