27 thoughts on “78rpn

  1. wow they even strung up her pigtails. a bunch of the hooks arent even pulled tight(arms and last one on the leg).

  2. bodymody – I’m pretty sure you’re wrong 😛

    That said, this photo didn’t come with much information but judging by the amount of points used they may either be small gauge hooks or even CBRs (for the purpose of the suspension).

  3. Nikki I dont think they’re play piercing needles I think the part that you’re seeing the looks like them (because I thought of that too) is the end of a piece of string coming from the knot.

  4. dryxi, I’d think they’re practical because it means that her neck doesn’t get tired trying to hold her head up off her chest.

  5. Roo – I can’t see them, but what you’re saying is that she’s being held up by ordinary suspension hooks and the decorative hypodermic needles + ribbons are hiding them?

  6. i don’t think those are play piercing needles…i think what you’re seeing is the slightly frayed ends of the pink strings. If you look at the yellow strings, you can see it better.

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