I must admit I nearly wet myself laughing when I first saw this photo of Terry‘s Girls’ Bathroom tongue tattoo.

So ladies, if you ever find yourself in the Grand Rapids (snigger) area and are dying for a piss, you know who to call! Just form an orderly queue.

By Josh Jett, Stilleto Hause (formerly Explicit Ink), Michigan.

26 thoughts on “Urophagia?

  1. say, he should be careful, people might think they’re supposed wee in his mouth! :P

  2. why no, we most certainly couldn’t have that now! i hear thats one of those bdsm practices scary people with tattoos and piercings do :P

  3. I really wonder how long this tattoo will last, and how will it look in a few weeks…
    I hope that Terry will post another pictures later !!!

    (ok Terry ?)

  4. to #2 and #6 im pretty sure he just has paired lip rings, not a horizontal tongue piercing..

  5. I’m curious what the “snigger” after Grand Rapids was for. Its not the best place in the world, but its home.

    More on topic, the only thing i think of when I see that tattoo is to wonder what the ink tastes like.

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