19 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. hehe I like how the belly button forms the shape of a knot on the tree 😀
    … like that one cat butthole one!

    hahaha 😀

    my mom’s old tattooist had a bull tattooed around his nipple so that his pierced nipple made the nose… I dunno lol speaking on the topic of this…

    hehehe ^_^

  3. I’m stupid i dont know who the mythological people are.i know its the two above the tree but is it like god and the deliv or something else?

  4. omggg this tatttooo is so awesome!!! hah!
    im not sure but to me… the characters looks like Kuan Kung/Kuan Ti [god of war] and the other one the devil

  5. yes i see the ones to which you refer, yet i cannot comprehend their significance thus necessitating explanation

  6. Based on the portraits of family members I’m pretty sure the person’s Chinese. Don’t know if the god is any specific one though.

    Anyway this is a really nice tattoo, I’ve been wondering where I would go for ink once I move home from the USA.

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