38 thoughts on “When Cat Formula Fails..

  1. isnt the smarties just a print around the outside of the bottle?

    still looks great though:)

  2. Am I the only one that wants that shirt now? Simple white with the logo on the wrong side. Looks spiffy. Yes I said spiffy.

  3. hehe this definitely made my day :)
    … I want an orange kitten and I’m naming him Dexter.

  4. I love how happy the guy looks to be bottle feeding his kitty MnM’s. And that the cat looks like he’s sleeping.

    #9, I can’t tell. When I first looked it looked like they were real (because of the way they are smushed against the bottom), but now I’m not sure :(

  5. I didn’t notice his hand tattoo until the third time I looked at this picture. Nice.

    And yay! Kitty!!

  6. For those confused at the “smarties” reference, that’s what M&M’s are called in Canada.

    That picture is so cute! I wish my cat would put up with stuff like that, lol

  7. Jazzybean – Nah, they took out all the colouring that sent kids loopy :( It’s all natural rubbish now.

    o0Rose0o – Tis not! Smarties and M&Ms are nothing alike – Blasphemy! Burn the heretic!

  8. For anyone who’s eaten both, I think this poses the serious question, which are better: Smarties or M&Ms?!

  9. Personally I prefer M&Ms, the balance of sugar coating and chocolate is better. As far as I’m aware Smarties only come in one form (In Australia) instead of the many different M&Ms.

  10. yeah blue is back! and yeah, smarties are the same in the UK as the US.
    there’s a whole advertising campaign all about the blue smartie being let back in to the party!

  11. How has no one commented that the guy himself is way more adorable than the cat? I mean, I really fucking love cats, but that guy’s, like, wow.

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