Either He’s Dead Or My Watch Has Stopped

You know, with Halloween around the corner, and everyone and their equally unimaginative mothers planning to go as Sarah Palin, why not go with one of the classics like Groucho up there? Or, alternately, just throw on those glasses and rob a bank in the 1930s. Both good options.

(The world’s greatest disguise was tattooed by N8 at OC Inkhouse in Lake Forest, CA.)

11 thoughts on “Either He’s Dead Or My Watch Has Stopped

  1. halloween is for cross dressing not cross party dressing!
    i for one am going as an extrodinarily hairy stubily french maid!
    awesome tattoo too

  2. oppisitronic: it’s some lady that acts on saturday night live, at least that’s what someone told me. I don’t have a TV so I could be wrong

  3. i work at a halloween store. if one more person asks me for the joker from the new batman movie or sara palin again swear im just going to shoot them for the sake of society.

  4. Madeline, I have a bet going with some friends on how many Joker’s we’ll see out on Halloween night. My guess is so high that I really hope I don’t win.

    I’m going as a piranha plant.

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