26 thoughts on “Jumping Through Hoops …

  1. Haha for a second I thought her lobes were actually that big! I love her backpiece, very cool.

  2. what? only 14 people have jumped on here to talk about how gorgeous she is?

    fucking gorgeous

  3. She looks like the cashier chick at Walgreens on oakland park blvd Thats where i buy my batteries for my camera and sumtimes my razors and nick nacks sumtimes i fly high

  4. I love the tattoo, beautifully done 🙂 makes me want it… if only I didn’t have an ethical objection to tattoo theivery lol
    Seriously though, sweet tattoo… turning green with envy and pink with love…. hehe chameleon 😛

  5. I like how everything comes together. like beautiful accent marks and not just a pasted photo on her skin.

  6. I have to say, that is my favourite industrial ever. It just looks so beautiful on her, like it belongs there, not like a bar through an ear, and of course the tattoo is gorgeous!

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