I Was Wondering if I Could Ride You Home

Wait, wait, I know this one! Umm … Shredder? No? Shit. C3PO? Really? Damn it. I could’ve sworn … oh, oh, Robocop! It’s Robocop! Ah, hell, I’m no good at charades.

(Tattoos by Rick Lohm at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse, New York. Says owner John Joyce: “This kid came in a while ago to get these tattoos. He was very adamant that he didn’t want a black outline — he wanted them just in red, so they matched Optimus Prime. After they healed, he came in with this helmet for the picture. Fucking perfect!”)

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18 thoughts on “I Was Wondering if I Could Ride You Home

  1. omg omg omg that awesome..dont see why ud need one on each shoulder tho…1 in middle of chest would have been perfect

  2. Maybe it’s just me…but they look like they are different sizes. It could be the way he is standing..


    I totally have that helmet….ha.

  3. Wow, that guy’s pale. At first I didn’t really get why that picture was on modblog. I just thought it was a guy wearing a white shirt with transformers logos on it. I don’ t know how I missed that 🙂

  4. hahaha my friend has the same helmet there is a setting on it that is a voice changer. that shit is sooo funn… ohh and nice tats!

  5. I have that helmet. 🙂 It’s a voice changer. I <3 transformers and I hate Megan Fox….just sayin’….

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