24 thoughts on “Descended From Cats

  1. I think that this is terribly adorable, but I’m disappointed that it is in black and white. I also enjoy the “strangely explicit” tag and the fact that this is the only post under it.

  2. Lmao that was the first thing I was thinking when I saw this trailparkjesus. But what a cute tattoo. The cartoon looks kind of familiar.

  3. Finaly an artist which i met.

    (if you live 8 monhts in latvia and you have a ink addiction there are only a couple dealers around).

  4. Which meaning of firecrotch are they going for red pubes or a scorching case of herpes. Hopefully it’s referring to the color and not the condition. Of course a tattoo and herpes both being permanent makes sense too.

  5. its projected that natural redheads will become a thing of the past in the next 20 years or so. i guess the pure red hair is being diluted by all the brown hair in the world. : (

    i love redheaeds

  6. redheads are so hot, but i don’t think they’ll be extinct in 20 years because i know 2 redheads who are married and planning on having a child… but yes it is a recessive gene

  7. Two of my best friends had a baby, she is a redhead, and he is not, and their little girl has brighter red hair than her mom. There’s no way it will ever go away.

  8. Redheads are amazing! neither of my parents have red hair and I do. Trust me it’s not going anywhere! I love that others get the same amusement out of firebox -or crotch- that I do.

  9. so cute! haha its like.. kind of explicit but… not? because its so darn cute! AWW warms me heart (tears)

  10. ugh i’m a redhead and i get called firecrotch so much, it hurts my feelings because they say it as “redhead, ew that means you’re a firecrotch” so yeah. not a big fan of the tattoo Dx

  11. <3 Heinlein (I’m assuming at least, and no one else has mentioned, so I’ll just be late about it)

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