Rhythms for Bears to Dance to


Who are these people? I don’t know. Can you ever really know a person? But from left to right, we’ve got “Silly Girl,” “Go Fuck Yaself,” “Pig Fucker,” “Beer” and “Bag o Donuts.” Reminds me of my prom night! If only there were a “tear-soaked blazer” …

(Tattoos credited to “Chip, Jonny Mudbug, and don’t know the rest” at True Blue in Austin and I-45 Ink in Houston, Texas.)

65 thoughts on “Rhythms for Bears to Dance to

  1. at first i was like um…whoa. thats pretty radical to put on yourself. an then i was like shirt covers it who cares?

  2. i love how theres the one guy in the background that obviously doesnt have any tattoos like that but is just kinda chilling there pretending he does

  3. i think it’s hard if you’re her lover and everytime you undress her, you see this slogan.. hm..

  4. I don’t know why so many tattoos like this (obscene slogans…) are being posted here lately, personally I don’t find them cool or funny or deserving of attention for the wearer or the artist. It is just…. sad.

  5. It’s not sad. It’s an expression you don’t agree with. I wouldn’t put it on my body, but judging by the tattooed sentiment I would say that the owner does not care and has every right not to.

    I’m not so much concerned with the seemingly “pointless” or obscene tattoos lately as the elitist attitude.:/

    I wouldn’t put it on myself, but I like the tattoos and respect them.:)

  6. i think people are scared of saying they hate the tattoos. now its all about, “well I wouldn’t get it, but i respect them.” thats fine we don’t need bashing but these people don’t need to be cuddled. there adults. I’ll say it, i hate these tattoos. There’s nothing special about this tattoo or any of the other ones, I don’t like anything about it. i think it looks cheap. they don’t need me to say, “i respect them” after the comment either, because there grownups. they know its not a personal attack of their personality or morals.

  7. i think if you look at the chick its on, it does fit. she is looks to be fun, outspoken and knows who she is. she has anus-loads of tattoos and i bet naked she looks cool as hell and the stomach thing would work just fine.
    NOW, we need naked pics of her to be able to give a fair and honest opinion. so, i will wait……

  8. what a hateful bunch!!! maybe for once, just for a nip of a minute, we can look @ this and see a gang o’ punks having fun. I’m kinda snob at times, but w/ a pic like this, I resort to it being a fun time. if worse goes to worst, they can get em covered up.
    relax for a change. that’s why we’re on here.
    (braces for the flames)

  9. Outside of what the tattoos say. They were all very poorly done and should have got no recognition. Quality modifications are sent to bmezine everyday but this continues to be the shit that gets featured on modblog. Quit trying to shock the world with the funniest tattoos and piercings that shouldn’t have been done. Show us some quality body modification after all this is a body modification website.

  10. I can picture myself on the boardwalk or beach or whatever, seeing that chick, walking up to her and saying “I’d rather fuck you, to be honest”. Do you guys think she’d smack me?

  11. everyone chill. lets talk about the important stuff going on in that picture…
    that chick has a descendants tattoo!

  12. “i think if you look at the chick its on, it does fit. ”

    damn straight. she could have phrased it better: “I fucked everyone”. on her back she can put: “I have 5 STDs”

  13. I think they look trashy (the tattoos and the people they’re on) and I would never get anything remotely similar but it’s not my body. The tattoos don’t offend me, so um… more power to you?

  14. Go Chip and Karen! You trashy sons of bitches! haa!

    For those that think the quality is lacking, its still healing you putz. :)

  15. I miss the days when simply having a tattoo made you hardcore. Now you’re not edgy unless your ink uses profanity in font size 500. Siiiigh.

  16. Speaking of which, I think I’m getting “fuck the world” tattooed on my forehead.. what do you think, guys ?


  17. Nyne @ 29: “I miss the days when simply having a tattoo made you hardcore. Now you’re not edgy unless your ink uses profanity in font size 500. Siiiigh.”


  18. I’d be forced to raise my shirt at least 10 times a day just to express my thoughts to the general public ( I work in retail ) and I’d lose my job =(

  19. “I’m not so much concerned with the seemingly “pointless” or obscene tattoos lately as the elitist attitude.:/”

    What is wrong with being elitist? Forgive me for having a brain, but I think the increase in volume of this sort of trash is an insult to the intelligence of BMEzine readers and seems to be geared towards attracting the lowest common denominator rather than people genuinely interested in the art of body modification / tattoo.

    I do have a sense of humour, believe me, but this type of stuff may be funny once a month at most, lately it is getting to be every few days and its wearing a little thin.

  20. Whats wrong with elitism?! I don’t even know where to begin….

    For the record, I don’t think anyone has a problem with you having a brain (at all!) Almaxaquotal, but there are probably a few people who would take issue with you suggesting that you’re so much smarter/better than everyone else…

    we shouldn’t forget that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure :P

  21. i agree strongly with 42.

    also i feel like people are to ready to say how much they think peoples tattoos are cool, even though they dont think that at all. were all adults (or mature enough to be counted as one) and saying how you think someones tattoo looks cheap or trashy doesn’t mean your attacking that person personally.
    people shouldn’t have to say, “i would never get it, but i respect them for getting it.”
    I dont like any of these tattoos, i think there cheap and are looking for shock value. and thats lame. these people are adults and they know im not attacking them, i dont have to say “i respect them” after i give my opinion.

  22. I see the word “respect” showing up a lot in the discussion here. I have a strong hunch that none of these people were looking for anybody’s respect when they got the tattoos done. Maybe a few chuckles…

  23. 46 i think its the guy in the middle you cant see. all the rest fit the people. im guessing but i think its him.

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  25. I like how 75% of the people commenting are uptight assholes, I agree BME has GONE WAY DOWNHILL recently but for fucks sake have a sense of humor once in awhile. Stop attacking people that are just having fun and finding a reason to smile in life and bitch out the people running this site for not providing us with anything that is up to the old bme/modblog standards

  26. I slept at bag o donuts house last night. Bag o donuts is a nickname his dad gave him when he was like 3. WFT BME get out of my RL.

  27. Haha I never knew I would get this much attention for this! For those of you with your fun light hearted commentsCheers!, For all the rest well……Go Fuck Yaself!

  28. Hey Chris Go Fuck Yourself and I do have tattoos you just can’t see then because karen’s arm is in the way of my pis fucking on my gut, fuck face thanks for the lovely comment


    It’s healing up nice, and for everyone who has some bullshit opinion on a site that obviously promotes ALL AND ANY body modification including extreme and perverse…


  30. Wow…This was the LAST place I thought I would find some up tight people!!!
    I’m sure all of us on this photo can agree that we
    could give two shits if you think we’re trashy, or if you think our tattoos are shitty,
    or that we got them for the “shock value”
    when you can’t even fucking see them very well.
    Personally I can’t stand elitist that don’t know how to have fun.
    Oh sorry that I didn’t get my tattoo from your fucking well known favorite
    tattoo artist but I fucking love every single one of my tattoos.
    Oh and yes…it’s a Descendents tattoo. <3
    Now…In our words…Drink a BEER and eat a BAG O’ DONUTS
    and then GO FUCK YASELF you SILLY GIRL PIG FUCKERs!!!!!!! :-P hehe

  31. Hehehe – aww… even after a decade I still love her “BEER” on her belly :)
    I’m findin’ it a bit strange the harsh judgments. I can vouch for personally knowin’ two of these peeps super well & are seriously some of the neatest and heavily/ beautifully tattooed people I know. Not at all pretentious and super sweethearts. Too bad you can’t clearly see the picture. Haha – but I can see how much fun they’re havin’!!

  32. If its on their bodies why do you care so much. I’ve seen each and everyone of those tattoos up close, as a matter of fact I took the picture, and they are all very well done. If someone wants to express themselves by putting Go Fuck Ya Self across their stomach then so be it. Sure it may not be something you’d do, but does it make them trashy? No. Just her way of expressing herself, not offense at all.

    All you elitist that think it’s important on who the artist is, that it has to be some worldwide known artist, crack me up. I’ve seen work equally well done that’s my artist no one has heard of. So get your head out of you ass and open yourself up to the world of tattoos. People get what they want, when they want and where they want. Don’t like it, don’t look!!

  33. Hell yeah Hispanic Panic on numberal 58 and a shout out to Nikki Guns on 60. That was a bad ass night and if it wasn’t for Lumber Jackie(the beer tat) I’d have never have had as much fun in Austin, TX. Fuckin shout out to Antidote from Holland for bringing us(Dreadful Children) on tour with them. Everyone else I hope you have lots to do with your time if all you do is complain about other people

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