What a load of dribble!

There’s no music to this video (it’s all about the visuals homeslice), but really, it doesn’t get much better than a freaky German queer dribbling for seven minutes as he re-splits his tongue now does it! Oh and he’s blonde and hot too.

Awwwww yeah.

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Regarding videos on ModBlog, what would you like to see here? Suspensions, scarification, timelapse, caterpillar porn, start to finish procedures of any sort? You name it..

Use the comments forum below to make your voice heard and if you have anything you think is suitable send it here as always.

25 thoughts on “What a load of dribble!

  1. jugglinjim – Yeah, I’ve had mine worked on three or four times now but to be honest it’s not made that much of a difference. That’s just me though, it wasn’t much to begin with. Webtile dysfunction :(

  2. I can watch a man perform a penectomy on himself just fine, but as soon as a guy resplits his own tongue I get the heebyjeebies. Good for him though to be able to do that to himself (I can’t even wax my own leg).

    How did he get it to stop bleeding so quick at the end?

  3. Omg. Thats gnarly.

    It looks like he was having alot of trouble cutting because of the blade he was using. Maybe a #11 would work better?

  4. im surprised people havent jumped all over this for emla on a tongue… not to sure if thats even entirely safe. im sure it cant taste good at all.

    but like said it didnt seem like he got much further.

  5. my favourite bit is the shot of blood dripping down his hand. keeping it real.

    and hes so silent! a bit of humming would set the scene real nice.

  6. I’ve seen nothing but 20 seconds: it’s too much for me.

    Too much horror,

    So-so-sorry gu-guy, bu-bu-but don-don-don’t you have aaaaa-aaaa-aaa-ny tro-ble in stu-stu-stuttering now ?

  7. I’ll never be able to do something like that, so it’s cool watching other people do it. A suggestion for videos to feature on ModBlog: I’d like to see a play piercing session.

  8. Rayne,

    I’m in the same situation as you. I started looking up well-known artists (Modblog features plenty). If none of them are near you see if they ever travel to your area, or go drive to them. Practitioners like Lukas Zpira never stay in one place too long.

  9. Bad choice for the scalpel blade ! Did he cut bones with it before ?! Because a good scalpel blade can cut properly and carefully a tongue with only 3 or 4 cuttings (only one if you are a ‘butcher’ ;) ).

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