It’ll Make You Pucker

Hey, everybody! Guess what’s in the jar! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. (Think it through — this is a hard one.)

Says the gentleman in the photos: “It was a four-hour session and I took breaks every half hour. In the end, I had a hard time getting it out of the sun tea jar. Then it was a very hot finish when I (came) one of the largest loads ever in my lifetime.”

* * *

While we’re here, intrepid reader Rebecca writes in, requesting the help of some heavy mods folks in the U.K. for a post-graduate film project:

Masters film student with contacts in the industry and a lot of experience is making an abstract film on the body and body modification requires a heavily modified person to feature in the film! No experience neccessary, there is no budget so this position is unpaid. However, it is all being filmed on High Definition and burned on blu-ray, you will receive credits and copy of the film, which will be submitted into various film festivals.

Using a television studio for parts of the film, will portray the body and body mod in a very arty and stylised way! Already has a few contributors, as well as footage from Bizarre magazines 2008 ball, burlesque shows and live body mod surgery!

If you are interested please email [email protected] for full details. Travel expenses are negotiable, it is not a long commitment, just one days filming.

39 thoughts on “It’ll Make You Pucker

  1. Fuck.
    I was going to make iced tea today.
    Now I won’t because every time I go to take a drink I’ll be thinking about that “huge load.”

  2. It looks like his wang is sticking out it’s tongue, that odd flap of skin that is sort of curling out. Like it is saying “Nya nya nya! I blew the biggest load! Nya nya nya!” . . . . EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! I think I’ll go bleach my eyeballs now . . . or something to that effect.

  3. :D Awesome. It’s pretty cool honestly that he had the patience and control to go four hours with this. Nice. And as for huge loads? The more the better! Haha.

  4. you know what got me? the strawberries on the jar. that just made me laugh. and, i wonder what the tattoo is right above his beans and frank.

  5. pfft screw everyone this is way better then “Go fuck ya self” written on somebody’s stomach. this intrigues the hell outta me. thank you modblog!

    and #4?? this is EWWWW its a human body part that half the planet has.. just inflated a bit :P cheers to the strawberry jar alway! haha

  6. Yea the huge load thing not necessary. But like how do you have sex with that? Or like jerk off? I don’t see it happening lol

  7. any after shots when the swelling has gone down? does that bruise heavily? i would think it would…i just think that would be more painful for me than anything, but bravo!

  8. my guess is there’s nuts in that jar!

    Damn… Grapefruits!!!! Wong again!!! ;o)))

    very impressive!!!

  9. I wonder how the lid looking thing feels being kinda stuck there for a while…
    But, very innovative. That’s actually pretty nifty.

  10. that huge load talk made me wanna try that shit out :D. always wondered what made ppl do these sort of things. now i know. :D

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  12. I’m not sure It’d be worth it, but imagine doing this, then go teabag someone. Photos are required.

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  14. WHOA.
    I was like thats a cute little jug and then i clicked through and was like HELLO
    probably should’ve looked at the tags

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