Excised! (Get it?)

It’s no puzzle who this exciting skin removal piece is on, it’s The Enigma (more) of course..

Left to right – John Durante, The Enigma and Johnny (FUKN) Velez – More photos after the break..

Skin removal by John Durante (more) during his stay at Native Rituals in Oak Forest, Chicago.

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45 thoughts on “Excised! (Get it?)

  1. It’s interesting to see the the tattoo’s in parts of the fresh cuts.
    Will the discolouration stay when it scars?

  2. #2- it wouldn’t have looked right if he hadn’t got them done firs though would it? if he’d left the X’s un-tattoo’d then it wouldn’t have been so neat.

  3. woooo, you didnt use a face mask so hes going to not heal well and die, god sake think back to the days of ritual scarification!!!i really like mr. durantes work, he is definately one of my many inspirations so thanks man!

  4. this made me wonder how his eyebrows will react when the x’s scar up. does scarification go deep enough to affect hair growth?

  5. I like the xes! reminds me of black bart, getting shot by the red rider bb gun, in ralphie’s back yard…on the electric acid page there’s more pics too.

  6. 28. haha i saw him there too, in that “Taboo” show right?

    i’m guessing he’s not that blue anymore in the first pictures because of the ink growing old and in the last one due to photomanipulation? (saturation decrease)

    awesome neat-looking cuttings

  7. Enigma is a nice guy. We went to the same high school. If you ever get the chance to just hang out with him he is so deep and interesting. And hey if you read these; we need to go out for calazones again man lol.

  8. Jesus, John no mask!!??!! I might as well have sprayed ketchup on him while you cut him.
    Tisk Tisk!

  9. Don’t ridicule me. Answer the question? Once you have achieved a certain status you don’t have to adhere to basic aseptic principles? You are breathing less then a foot away from open wounds. A face mask is needed. I didn’t say it wouldn’t heal. I am saying it was not the proper enviroment. People heal scarification done with a razor blade as well. Your work is good and I am not saying it isn’t. I am saying you made a mistake in choosing not to wear a face mask.

  10. Alright kid… Check this out.. I am a very expierienced scarification artist.. I am not saying you shouldant wear a mask.. By all means, wear every piece of protective gear needed.. I don’t feel the need to list the ammount of negligable risks involved with the life I lead, but my friend not wearing a mask during a procedure with a good friend equally as expierienced in these things is not a mistake.. Someone that can’t get past it accusing me of a “mistake” is…

  11. John, you’re very expierienced scarification artist it is 100% true. But, I still think that you should wearing mask durind scarification…

  12. yeah, mask would’ve been protective… but like john said: they’re both good friends and have gallons of experience in these sort of things… so… yeah haha

    don´t make such a big deal out of a face mask though, i could think of a thousand times it could’ve been worse (but i’m too lazy to type one lol)

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