38 thoughts on “PixelCross-Stitch Rose.

  1. I think it’s really pretty 🙂
    however, I’d be interested to see it without the black outline.

    gorgeous nonetheless!

  2. i dont even think it looks cross-stitched, i think it looks a lot more like a needle-point pattern….

  3. yeah, it looks like the pattern to a cross-stitch or needlepoint, not the actual stitching. It’s cool though.

  4. I agree with #6, I’m not really digging the black outline. Would have looked better without an outline at all imo.

    But nice work nonetheless

  5. I agree with the cross-stitchers.
    On that note, ADORE craft-related tattoos, there have been a few the fabulous sewing sleeves and chest pieces on mod blog in the past.

  6. i don’t think the nick baaxter one is necessarily better, just it has part of it non-pixelated and it is good detail in that part

    also i agree that it looks like cross stitch, but i always thought cross stitch looks like pixelation. perhaps though as others said it would be better w/o black outlines – although i think they add a distinct tattoo angle to the whole pixelation art concept

  7. I too thought it looked like a cross stitch patter. I do like the black outline though, I like that it has such a defined edge.

  8. It is the grid that makes it look more like a cross stitch pattern and less like pixel art, each pixel of colour needs to touch, that is how the optical effect of all the blocks of colour ‘blurring’ into each other to look like a picture is achieved. The grid prevents that, so in some ways this fails as pixel art, but is still not an unpleasing design over all.

  9. Not to nerd out of anything, but I think that this tattoo might not be pixellated–it might actually be an embroidery pattern. (For cross stitch! Yes, I did this for a while; yes I like books and tea.)

  10. oh arm chair quarterbacks…. did you realize that most tattoo works needs a black outline to help define the shapes? anyone who actually works in the industry and not just criticizes from their keyboards and jobs at home depot has seen no outline work up close and can attest to how it doesn’t hold up well over time. but hey what do i know?

  11. hey it actually did this tattoo…. its based on a cross-stitch design. its not supposed to be pixelated so im sorry if i didnt pull that off, because it wasnt supposed to look like that in the first place and trevor is right…. black outlines are what keeps tattoos looking good over time ….he does know

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